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  1. cosmic_hippo

    High altitude jetting recommendations?

    I will be traveling to Colorado for the family and I will need to re-get my Wife's TTR 125. Any jetting recommendations for riding at 7,000 to 11,000 feet? Thanks!
  2. cosmic_hippo

    Brand New 06 WR450 had a short throttle stop.

    Yea, I went ahead and put the AIS replacement in it's place. ~ms
  3. I purchased my WR450 brand new off the showroom floor, broke it in and have just recently done all of the mods to it. I was really surprised when I pulled out the throttle stop to find that not only was it actually shorter, but it looks like it had been cut down by hand (http://www.12feet.com/images/throttlestop.jpg). All of the other AIS components were in place. The pilot jet that I removed was a 45 and I believe that is what comes with the bike. Has anyone ever had anything like this happen with a brand new bike? ~ms
  4. cosmic_hippo

    '05 TTR230 only starts in neutral?

    I have a brand new TTR125L and it does not e-start in gear (with clutch pulled in). Only in nuetral will it e-start. Does your TTR125L do the same thing?
  5. cosmic_hippo

    e-start problem

    I ride a ttr125L and my e-start only works when I'm in neutral. Is there any way to e-start it in gear? Perhaps with a modification?
  6. I've had my new WR for about 2 months now and I've only got about 3-4 hours of riding time (man, I need to set some new priorities eh?). I noticed that the silicone surrounding the grommet just above my oil fill was cracked. I'm not sure if this is some sort of sensor(?) (Picture: http://www.12feet.com/IMG_1275.JPG)-- but before I got the bike cleaned up I thought I would ping the TT Forum to see if anyone had any insight on a quick fix for this. I did not want any moisture to get in there. My initial thought is to just use some heat safe silicone to fix. I woudn't imagine that this "opening" could be through to the crankcase - but still I wanted to check to see if anyone had any insight to this. Thanks!
  7. cosmic_hippo

    What oil to use??

    Ok, my first oil change was a success. Thanks for the advice on the thread! One other question though -- I did check the "Oil Screen" that is the insert in the frame oil tank. The screen was perfectly clean -- and it doesn't seem like I would need to check this screen on every oil change, maybe every other or every third? How often does that screen really need to be cleaned? Thanks again -- awesome info here! ~matt
  8. cosmic_hippo

    What oil to use??

    Fantastic info everybody...thanks! Now to crack the book for my first oil change on my WR. I'm very fluent in oil changes on all my other equipment -- any special warnings for an oil change on the WR? I will be following the WR "bible" that came with it. Thanks!
  9. cosmic_hippo

    What oil to use??

    Picked up my spankin' new WR450 last week. And after a couple of hours of riding last week and highs this weekend in the upper 20's -- I'm up for oil changing time. Dealer said any multigrade would be fine. Traditionally I've been a Valvoline guy....but I wanted to see what everyone else is using. Any recommendations for brands/weights for a predominantly Texas area rider? Thanks!