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  1. I will be traveling to Colorado for the family and I will need to re-get my Wife's TTR 125. Any jetting recommendations for riding at 7,000 to 11,000 feet? Thanks!
  2. Yea, I went ahead and put the AIS replacement in it's place. ~ms
  3. I purchased my WR450 brand new off the showroom floor, broke it in and have just recently done all of the mods to it. I was really surprised when I pulled out the throttle stop to find that not only was it actually shorter, but it looks like it had been cut down by hand ( All of the other AIS components were in place. The pilot jet that I removed was a 45 and I believe that is what comes with the bike. Has anyone ever had anything like this happen with a brand new bike? ~ms
  4. I have a brand new TTR125L and it does not e-start in gear (with clutch pulled in). Only in nuetral will it e-start. Does your TTR125L do the same thing?
  5. I ride a ttr125L and my e-start only works when I'm in neutral. Is there any way to e-start it in gear? Perhaps with a modification?
  6. I've had my new WR for about 2 months now and I've only got about 3-4 hours of riding time (man, I need to set some new priorities eh?). I noticed that the silicone surrounding the grommet just above my oil fill was cracked. I'm not sure if this is some sort of sensor(?) (Picture: but before I got the bike cleaned up I thought I would ping the TT Forum to see if anyone had any insight on a quick fix for this. I did not want any moisture to get in there. My initial thought is to just use some heat safe silicone to fix. I woudn't imagine that this "opening" could be through to the crankcase - but still I wanted to check to see if anyone had any insight to this. Thanks!
  7. Ok, my first oil change was a success. Thanks for the advice on the thread! One other question though -- I did check the "Oil Screen" that is the insert in the frame oil tank. The screen was perfectly clean -- and it doesn't seem like I would need to check this screen on every oil change, maybe every other or every third? How often does that screen really need to be cleaned? Thanks again -- awesome info here! ~matt
  8. Fantastic info everybody...thanks! Now to crack the book for my first oil change on my WR. I'm very fluent in oil changes on all my other equipment -- any special warnings for an oil change on the WR? I will be following the WR "bible" that came with it. Thanks!
  9. Picked up my spankin' new WR450 last week. And after a couple of hours of riding last week and highs this weekend in the upper 20's -- I'm up for oil changing time. Dealer said any multigrade would be fine. Traditionally I've been a Valvoline guy....but I wanted to see what everyone else is using. Any recommendations for brands/weights for a predominantly Texas area rider? Thanks!