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  1. After sitting for a couple days, the clutch has no pull until I ride it for a few minutes while pumping the lever. The best way I can describe this is that if this was a cable clutch it feels as if the cable snapped. After a couple minutes it's fine for the rest of the day. I've bled it completely and it still happens. A friend suggested a master cylinder rebuild kit????
  2. sparrino

    2016 FC350 Info?

    Rode mine for the first time this past weekend. Coming off the 16 KTM 350 SXF and I have to say I like the husky better! Just for a bunch of little reasons. first I immediately bolted a brand-new Ohlins shock onto the bike, along w race tech modified WP forks (open chamber), I also took my complete FMF system from the KTM and bolted that on. But what I liked most about the Husky was the smoother power delivery!! Maybe due to the restricted airbox, or the fact that I was running a tooth higher on the rear of the Ktm not sure but my laptimes were definitely better on the husky. So far I have to say it's the best bike I ever rode.
  3. Wow, I installed a new Ohlins shock today and it blew up and the oil went everywhere! I bet it effected the filter and or sensor! Thanks so much for the feedback!!!!
  4. Bike ran fine all day but when I loaded it up I noticed that the fuel injector light was blinking one long blink and three short blinks. According to the owners manual this means the "intake air temperature sensor" input signal too low or too high. No idea what the hell any of this means!!!! Can anyone help????
  5. sparrino

    Fox Shock

    Love my stock shock after revalve and 4.6 spring but I want an extra shock for those times when I have the stock one serviced. I have 2 sets of forks already so it makes sense
  6. sparrino

    Fox Shock

    I'm thinking about ordering one has anybody had any experience with them on the 16 SXF Models?
  7. sparrino

    Need a rear shock for 2016 350SXF

    Nothing. I want a spare.
  8. Anyone have one they want to sell?
  9. sparrino

    KTM blown fuse = broken leg

    Bracket 79011036044 capacitor 79011035000
  10. sparrino

    DT1 Air Filters

    Anyone using them on the 16 SXFs? I've been using these filters on all my bikes for a few years now and they are amazing! Unfortunately the extra neoprene seal that they come with makes it difficult to impossible to secure the filter cage into the tabs. That little bit of extra thickness pushes out the filter cage just enough to make the holding tab not lock in place which may lead to the filter coming out and possibly blowing a motor. I called a friend from DT1 and he said we can make a special request when ordering to leave the neoprene seal off. I did and now they fit perfect. No more issues.
  11. sparrino

    KTM blown fuse = broken leg

    Mine died while approaching a fast triple and thank God I was able to save it. My dealer replaced the capacitor free of charge. Unfortunately they did not have the updated mount available at the time. So when I read this post about the guy breaking his leg I ordered aNother capacitor with the updated mount it cost me $76. My dealer told me they have been on backorder and I was able to locate one. Figured it would be smart to change the capacitor again along with the new mount. It's just a little piece of rubber that now makes the capacitor move side to side a little bit that's the only difference I noticed in the mount. I will most likely never buy a KTM again. I have to say I do love the 350 motor and the electric start but there's been so many problems starting with the 4CS forks which cost me $4000 to fix to buy a set of cone valves. And the front wheel spokes almost blew out and that was another recall. In their quest to save weight they are putting our lives in serious danger
  12. sparrino

    2016 350 SXF Exhaust performance?

    More of a hit? This bike is a beast!! You gotta ride it in the upper rpms. I got the full FMf system and there is absolutely no difference in power over stock. It's about 3lbs lighter and it's in 3 pieces so the shock don't have to be removed to take the pipe off anymore. Add a tooth on the rear sprocket.
  13. sparrino

    2015 FE 450 Blown fuses

    77711035000 Japanese part #
  14. sparrino

    2015 FE 450 Blown fuses

    Yeah, but be careful the stock one will eventually blow. In my case it went just as I hit the face of a triple I could have gotten hurt real bad the bike just quit. Get the updated part asap it's made in Japan.