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  1. Moose777

    Desert tires

    I agree on the Dunlop 756 up front and Maxxis Maxcross Desert IT rear. Avoid the Maxxis Desert IT front tire at all costs as it has a tendency to wash out at higher speeds in desert hard pack turns.
  2. Moose777

    Offroad front meat questions.

    I have been running Maxxis Desert IT on front and rear. While I really like the rear tire, the front is the scariest tire ever in the SC desert. The thing washes out big time in corners. I'm switching to the Dunlop 756 front and keeping the Maxxis on the rear.
  3. Sold my class C 31' because I didn't like the fact that I couldn't have my truck with me and unhook. Once you're at camp if you need to go grab something you have to pack everything up with the class C, . The upkeep, depreciation, the $$$ just went on and on. I'm just renting a nice travel trailer and loading my bikes in the truck for now. The hassle of storing, storage fees, picking it up and cleaning it, returning it to storage etc etc the Class C just was too much hassle and cash to justify owning. For the few overnights I do with the guys I'll rent & split the cost. Let the rental place worry about upkeep storage repairs etc. Me and the family aren't really into the camping thing so renting a TT is the way to go for me.
  4. Some serious bikes mentioned so far. My KTM 520 mxc was pretty fast and I'm hoping will be a big screamer after I get er back from Travis at MC Goodies in Pasadena. .. currently doing the 570 big bore kit, hot cam, lighter flywheel.... Oh yeah. Have fun.
  5. Moose777

    best truck ever!!!!!

    I love my 2001 Chev Duramax/Allison quad cab 4x4 LT. Just put a fresh set of BF Goodrich AT on and I'm ready for ridin season.