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  1. timin8tr

    Finding neutral on a RMZ 450

    Sorry, that's $8 GRRR canucklehead. Which is about $145.00 American...I know, I know, old joke. Sorry 'Nucks.
  2. timin8tr

    Finding neutral on a RMZ 450

    kewl thanks guys, I'm now a buyer...and yeah, I know finding neutral when riding is worse, but I'm an amateur and I need ease of use! If I'm going to drop $8 GRRR on a bike, she better be a little forgiving. And maybe it is a good idea that neutral is more difficult to find. I have memories of a street bike that I used to own that popped into neutral when I was trying to find second.
  3. timin8tr

    Finding neutral on a RMZ 450

    Is neutral hard to find on the 2006 RMZ 450?
  4. timin8tr

    Rmz450 Or Yzf450 Question Help

    Here's an addendum to that thread...does anyone find that the shifting on the '06 RM-Z 450 is difficult, particulairly finding neutral? I read this in a moto mag.