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  1. deadman888

    Old pictures in 77

    cool pics thanks for saring. Ride on.......
  2. damm four wheelers........don't do it'
  3. deadman888

    Basic setup for an off road bike.

    thanks alot Dwight, great info.My boy wieghs 140lbs so will check into the Works susension for the rear of the honda. As for mine I'll take some measurments and make adjustments. Again thanks alot.
  4. deadman888

    Newbie Looking to ride

    looks like a blast and a great place to meet.Trying to talk the family into it.had to buy my wife a quad so I could ride more if you know what I mean!But me and my son want to go hope to see you there. Ride on.......
  5. deadman888

    WA ORV Rally Next Step - Operation CLOUT

    already done thanks dave.Ride on bro....
  6. looks like a blast! Ride on bro...
  7. deadman888

    Is this easy???

    you try it first let me know how easy it was...lol
  8. deadman888

    April Fools Day Ride w/pictures

    nice looks like here in the northwest lo9ve the mud
  9. deadman888

    Basic setup for an off road bike.

    I ride a stock o5 klx300r I'm 6'4" 210lbs any suggestions on set up of sag and recoil. bike seems very stiff over bumps and rocks beats me up. Also my sons 05 crf230 needs some mods to keep up with me any ideas.thanks