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  1. PRelHacko

    Metal shavings in the filter-Time to sell?normal?(PIC)

    Yeah...but that hammer is not going to work with an RMZ case. He has to buy a "specialty" tool. .......a YELLOW Hammer. Hah...good fun. PRelHacko AFM # 97
  2. PRelHacko

    Rejet for FMF-Q slip-On...?

    Hi All, Okay after two years of "subtle comments" about how loud the stock pipe on the RMZ is by my trail-riding cohorts, I decided to get down with the whole "ride stealthy" thing and bought myself a FMF-Q slip-on. Anyone done this....? had to rejet...? Any special problems for high altitude...? Thanks in advance. PRelHacko (AFM # 97)
  3. PRelHacko

    Silver Lake ride w/pics

    As promised, These aren't as fun as SLR's, but since I brough the damn thing along and took 'em, they're getting posted. Next time I'll get out front so I can snap some better action shots of people endoing over their bars down the granite steps... Here's the gang up on Squaw ridge taking a well deserved break: (BTW gang consisted of Zendog, Peakrider, SilverLake Rider, and Tymekeeper 916...oh and me PRelHacko) These people have names too, but damned if I can remember them...... Here's the gang at the rather inappropriately named "mud lake" taking a well deserved break (you're getting the idea) The bikes getting their turn to take a break too.... SLR (with some help) getting the front axle back in after changing out a front tube. Damn pinch flats.......and this is serious pinch flat territory. Also met of couple of guys who were staged? down here at the bottom of Horse Canyon who offered some fuel and a couple of bottles of water before heading back up the hill. That was super cool... Next time I'll stash some supplies here before starting the loop since it's only a couple of miles down the road from our staging area. Peakrider making some more dust.... Tymekeeper 916 navigating some rocks...again. Some pictues of Cody & Mike, the two guys that went back up Horse Canyon with me and back around to the staging area Just about to drop down the notch at the top of the hill down to Plasse's One nice shot of Horse Canyon meadows heading back up to Squaw Ridge, the ski lifts from Kirkwood come up to the ridge on the left from the other side A look at the general terrain in the area.... A Silver Lake trails brochure reads "If you don't like rocks, don't come here......." I had a great time.....thanks again everybody. -PRelHacko AFM # 97
  4. PRelHacko

    Silver Lake ride w/pics

    Well that was an excellent ride. We made it back up and around with only minimal incident(had to stop and refill the radiator on my RMZ and the YZ after one paticular rockcrawl). IMO. That trail is nasty to a point that it doesn't make a "big" difference whether you're going up or down. Many sections were easier going up than down. SLR nailed it when he described that it wasn't any particular backbreaking section that does you in, but the long unrelenting nature of the continuous near-backbreaking sections......that eventually does you in. True dat. When I came around the last bend at the top and saw the meadow with the trailmarker it was a full two-fisted arm pump(not to mention the usual variety) with a skyward howled "Woooo-Hoooo...!!!" After that it was pretty smooth sailing back to the staging area I got pictures I'll post up tomorow, but there mostly family portrait type. I didn't get any cool action shots like SLR. Seems uncanny how he managed to be in the right place to catch us all stumbling over the worst obstacles on trails................if I were more of a suspicious person I might think he planned that. Thanks again for the ride SLR and everybody else for making it a great day. -PRelHacko (AFM # 97)
  5. PRelHacko

    Silver Lake High Sierra Ride this weekend

    SLR said.... You'll go across a cement bridge, past some corrals and on your right will be a paved FS parking lot with the traditional FS sign for Allens Camp. Park there and I'll see you Sunday morning at 0900! PRelHacko says..... sweeeeeeet !! I'll be there, white Dakota with a yellow (redundant I guess) RMZ. Maybe blue tent in the back of the truck. If you see a grumpy ass bald old white guy mumbling to himself over a cup of coffee, that'll be me. Did I forget to mention ugly too....?? Oh yeah, and mean.......definitely mean "and" ugly. -PRelHacko AFM # 97
  6. PRelHacko

    Silver Lake High Sierra Ride this weekend

    Count me in....if I have fuel..... -PRelHacko AFM # 97
  7. PRelHacko

    Silver Lake High Sierra Ride this weekend

    SLR, I saw the post about the change of day..that's OK by me. Could you give a better description of where the staging area is...? PM me if preferred Thanks -PRelHacko
  8. PRelHacko

    Silver Lake High Sierra Ride this weekend

    Hi SLR, I'd definitely be interested in doing this ride, will a stock tank(450) make the distance? Oh, and I'm not dualsported so can't do roads....wouldn't mind the shuttle thing though... Let me know... PRelHacko AFM # 97
  9. PRelHacko

    FMF pipes on sale at DK

    Hi All, Was at the Dennis Kirk site recently and saw they had some decent sales on FMF pipes for '05 and '06. One full Ti system and a FMF Q slip-on plus some others. FYI.... -PRelHacko
  10. PRelHacko

    A way to clear the oil screens..?

    O.K. I'm the first to admit I've got some nutty ideas now and again but...... I was thinking about a thread that has been around a while concerning a way on how to flush the oil screen out by blowing some air down the oil filter passageway. I think this was the original thread.... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=474309&highlight=oil+screen The other day I was changeing the oil filter and noticed that by moving the kick start lever with my hand(this is also how I advance the crank when lining up TDC for valve inspections), it would push oil out of the passageway into the oil filter chamber. This got me to thinking.......(usually where the trouble starts) Does.. (....and this is the question I ask since I haven't tried it yet to see) the oil pump mechanism works in either direction? In other words, when the engine is running forward, it pumps in the "forward" direction, yes, but if the engine were running backwards (or at least the oil pump drive shaft were turning in the opposite direction), would that pump oil in the reverse direction...? If so, couldn't we put the bike in gear(engine OFF obviously)and the quickly turn the rear wheel backwards a quarter turn or so having the effect of backflushing the screens...? Also doing this just before draining the oil as mentioned in the air blowout procedure. This would have the added benefit of clearing both oil screens at the same time, and not having to pop out the oil filter. Getting just the right amount and duration of pull on the wheel would be important, and there's potential to have other problems by having the engine move backwards, but since it's effectively a hydraulic pathway, all you would need to do would be to turn the shaft just a little bit. Of course, maybe the oil pump only works in one direction then this is a totally pointless post( I am NOT a mechanical engineer...I am a biologist). But TT has been bugging me to post something recently, so there you go. ....topic of discussion at the worst..? -PRelHacko
  11. PRelHacko

    Anyone using Michelin M-12's for woods use?

    I use the Michelin MS3(110) rear. I'm very happy with it. I compared to the stock tire, the Bridgestome D202 and the IRC M5B and found it significantly better than those. It lasts a pretty long time and only seems a little deficient in loose rocks. It is awesome in loamy, sandy, muddy conditions and decent in hardpack. I ride almost exclusively mountain singletrack and ordered a four pack for the coming year. Oh yeah...it's pretty good in snow too.... Me likeee Michelin... PRelHacko AFM # 97
  12. PRelHacko

    Stonyford Report (my turn)

    Hi All, I was inspired by Joey G. and NorCals ride report from Stonyford <see link> http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=496456 Also did a grueling single day ride at Stony last weekend (Sunday) as well. Here’s the ride details…..fun but long ride. Sorry no pictures, it was big ride day and unfortunately no time for photos. Staged out of Little Stony, rode the 26 up to crackerbox ridge to where it meets 23, then back down to 27 and all the way around the perimeter of the park to 28 and down to the Wolf Creek staging area. It had rained the night before so all of that stuff was still a little damp which was great, because the last couple of times I’d been to Stony I’d avoided riding there since it was so dry. From Wolf Creek we just rode out on 30 to Davis Flat to check it out and then rode up the hill on 40. Rode a little down the hill to pick up 29 to the 25 to the long section of 22 to 20 which takes you all the way up the hill to the big intersection where we ran the 3 to the 7 to the awesome 15 mine ridge loop. Then back up to the top of 5 corners again. We were seriously low on gas at that point so we had to coast most of the way down the M5 and coast down Big Sullivan to 24 and back to Little Stony. My buddy ran out of gas on the last little hill climb out of the creek before we hit the campsite, so I had to run a Gatorade bottle of gas down to him so he could get back. After that huge loop, it’s funny to run out of gas 50 yds. from the campsite. We probably should have taken the road, but I saw Sheriffs on it earlier in the day and didn’t want to risk any tickets…..I’ve already got my fair share of those. My friend had to take off back home, so after lunch (against my better judgment) I decided to go for a solo second loop. I rode up out of Lil’ Stony on 23 up to Crackerbox, and then took 21 across the creek to Little Sulllivan and hooked back up with 22 back up the hill to the intersection at the top again. This time I rode out on 3 to meet with trail 4 which runs all the way up to the top of a mountain just adjacent to Goat mountain, and then takes you out to the Stonyford back country which is just shy of the Middle Creek trail system. I put together a loop along the region where trail 45 is, there are some nice “marked” trails back there that run up and down though the hills but don’t have any numbers on the map….? Great riding back there and since it was Sunday afternoon there wasn’t a soul back there either. It’s pretty rare when you can shut off your bike for a 5 minute break without hearing one single other bike in the area….and you know….thumpers are LOUD. I wandered along some fire road till I found a fun uphill trail 19 that connected me over to trail 6. Rode up 6 and then did a loop down 12 up the road, then back up 8 to 6. Took the 6 shortcut over the hill to the N10 and along the fire road through Summit Valley and back over to the intersection of trail 4 with the fore road leading up to Goat Mtn. Took trail 4 the long way down where it meets up with the fire road just before the Green Flat campround, and on my down the hill I ran across two bikes parked next to the trail with nobody in sight. It was late in the day, and I hadn’t seen anybody in hours on the trail so I hoped nobody had broken down and was walking back down the hill, so I slowed up and took a look around. Fortunately, it was just a couple of people on a “park n’ spark” break. They leaned out from behind a tree and waved that they were O.K. I was not offered an opportunity to pass the Toochie on left hand side……so continued on down the road. Once again I was getting low on gas and admittedly I was starting to get a little tired, additionally I had never been in this part of the park before so I rode down the M5 fire road to trail 1 along Pacific ridge to where it connects with LoveLady ridge. Once I turned off onto trail 1 I thought it would be a simple thing to follow it back to Little Stony, but there are numerous branchings off of that trail and I didn’t see any trail markings at all…….none. I made a wrong turn at one point and was headed out to Indian Valley reservoir…. I figured that out pretty quick though, and got back on the correct trail back towards Stonyford. I followed LoveLady ridge all the way back to the top of the 01 hillclimb and that is a fun decent back into Little Stony. I had just enough gas to blast up the wall section of 23 again, and then back down. Down is definitely sketchier than up…… Made it back to the truck around 6:00 (I love spring riding) with two thimblefulls of gas left again, packed up and headed out at dusk. I don’t know how many miles I rode that day(no odometer), but it was two full tankfulls of gas, so it had to be better than a 100 for the day. The RMZ had brand new tires on it when I started, it ran great all day, but those tires sure aren’t new anymore. Vive la Stonyford. PRelHAcko' AFM # 97
  13. PRelHacko

    Tahoe National Forest Route Plan Out

    I don't know how much got lost (I guess that's the orange trails..?), but it looks like they're planning to add some single track at Chalk Bluff and a small loop at Fhill. It's a pittance compared to the orange sections though. What about the WST..? It only shows a tiny portion of it through Fhill and no passages around the granite chief wilderness areas...? Is that going to be an OHV restricted route now...? Curious/concerned PRelHacko AFM # 97
  14. PRelHacko

    Rain Wed, Thurs.. Stoney weekend!!

    I'd say it's about an hour and a half (one way) if you're going to Davis Flat. Shorter to little Stony... Assuming you don't get stuck behind the "RV that refuses to move over"... or you ARE the "RV that refuses to move over".... Have fun and let us know what the conditions are like.... -PRelHAcko AFM # 97
  15. PRelHacko

    Rain Wed, Thurs.. Stoney weekend!!

    So did Stony actually get any rain ...? The Trough Springs guage says "0" and the rainguage at the reservoir says less than a tenth. Middle Creek picked up more it seems. Let us know if you hear anything........ Thanks PRelHacko