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  1. todd trettel

    Which Head Pipe

    I have been wondering the same things about the HT or Stock Headpipes, Believe it or not I kinda like the stock pipe better, more up top, resulting in a wider powerband... Curious to know why HT for trail and stock for Racing?
  2. todd trettel

    I wan't more power!!

    You could look into getting the Hi Comp. Piston for your 450...I guess it depends on how much more power your looking for...
  3. todd trettel

    Steering Stablizers

    I will try to do what ever I can to get it to be more comfortable to me, maybe the longer I have it the less I will notice the drag...I called up GPR and was telling them what I've written here...He said the units{V2} are shipped with 5wt. in them...I had read on their website they ship with 2.5wt. He said if the drag was too much and I don't ever go above 4 on the dial, to change out the fluid and go with 85-150 fork fluid. I would like to have it so that when my bike is on the stand, and the dial is on 1 the bars will slowly fall to the stops. Does that sound like I'm on the right track?
  4. todd trettel

    Steering Stablizers

    That's what I wanted! No drag while turning...but some extra protection from the unanticipated bar swap... I wonder if you can get that from a GPR? So far it doesn't seem to me like you can...
  5. todd trettel

    Steering Stablizers

    I recently got a GPR V2 as a present...wanted a Scotts. My impression of the V2 so far... If you keep the dial on 1 or 2 to keep from fighting the drag while turning, it doesn't seem to offer much damping when needed in the rocks. If I keep the dial at 4 it dampens nicely in the rocks, but when you need to change direction quickly, you have to fight it a bit. Kinda why I thought I wanted a Scotts...I don't want drag when turning in the woods...But I do want damping while going thru the rocky sections.... Maybe I'm expecting too much?
  6. The only thing that I would add, is if this bog occurs as soon as you leave the parking lot, or does it take awhile for it to appear? It seemed that everytime I used the JD Kit it would run good for awhile...then start to stumple on/off the throtle.
  7. I have a 05 450 exc that I have been trying to dial in...Eddie has been a great help. Your off idle bog, if it's happening while you ride...not on the bike stand, could be the AP adjustment screw that's under the black cover on the kickstarter side of the carb. Try turning in small increments 1/4 turn and see if that doesn't help. Should have a green line painted across it so you could return it to the stock setting.
  8. todd trettel

    James Dean/ JD Jetting

    I think the bikes are lean from the factory because the needle is thick and blocks alot of the fuel...where as the JD needle is thinner and lets more fuel through, so you can use a smaller mian. Having said that I had a bit of trouble with my JD kit as well. If you call or E mail JD he is pretty good at getting back to you with some info.
  9. todd trettel

    05 450 EXC..trying to fine tune her.

    Ended up at OCEMN, 4th clip and 172, seemed to run great,better than the stock and 5th...ran out nice with no sighs of being too rich. It's only about 45 degrees out...will keep on testing... thanks for the input!
  10. todd trettel

    05 450 EXC..trying to fine tune her.

    I'll give it a try today...let you know how it does...thanks.
  11. todd trettel

    05 450 EXC..trying to fine tune her.

    Seems to run good untill I open it up... then it seems at about 3/4 throtle it over revs a bit, like 2-3 seconds, then goes great again. Almost like the clutch was slipping... but I do not think that's it. I thought it was a too lean needle...so I moved the stock needle up one more position,to#5 then the over rev seemed to go away...but she felt alittle fat all the way thru. You hear so many people say throw away the stock needle, it has no taper, I guess it just got me thinking too much, Thanks for the info.
  12. Have a 05 450 EXC, with a Power Now, HT Power Vane,and the HT Headpipe. As I see it...It's like a tuned intake tract with a smaller diameter headpipe to increase back pressure, and the stock muffler. I have been using stock jetting 42,178, stock needle 5th pos. I also have a OCEMN and the JD Red and Blue. Bike runs pretty good but not quite there. Wondering what needle and jetting would make the most of the other modifications?
  13. todd trettel

    I think I want a 07 KTM 250 XCF-W

    The KTM 250 XCFW is a GREAT bike for riding in the woods! Rode one this past weekend and loved it. Almost as much power as my 450 EXC, but a totally different delivery seemed like it would be a blast to ride in the tree's.
  14. todd trettel

    450x VS 450XC-W

    I rode a new 450XC and a new 450XCW yesterday at a Demo Ride. I thought the XC was clearly more fun. It was a tight woods loop, lot of ruts and tree roots. The response was way better on the XC and it did feel a bit lighter.
  15. todd trettel

    Improving standard exhaust

    I'd look at my posts concerning the HT Headpipe.