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  1. Yep definatley most painful I've had also. And like said above do not walk on it till given the OK. I was out only 3 months and tried to walk on it at 2, I think it may have been a little too early.
  2. kris55

    Cure for Cancer!?

    I know there is a private company that has found a cure for cancer/s' in there labs (in humans,not just lab rats) with very good results, for what cancer's specifically I'm not sure. They're having a very difficult time trying to introduce the cure into the public for further testing from the government (of all people) , the government supposedly will not give them FDA approval because they are private, and they will not allow the government to control any part of their testing/cure etc. or something along those lines, I really don't know the exact reasons. For anyone that has ever been to the SHOT show in Vegas, they have an event called the "baldies" awards, this is to further support the private research and development of the company mentioned above, as well as other cancer research, development and cures I believe. I do not remember the name of the company, but my cousin has been involved with them for a few years now and he is where I have gotten this info above from. He was also a participant in last years baldies awards (2011).
  3. kris55

    hard start

    Now you will have to try like I said above, if that doesn't work then you might have other issues if it is that difficult to start cold no matter what you ttry. ETA- Just went and tried mine, it's been sitting outside in garage untouched for well over a month, temp outside is 57*F right now, has been down to low 20's past week. pulled out choke, gave 4 blips of throttle, fired on first kick.
  4. kris55

    Head pipe glowing red ???

    Yes in a way you are correct, but also think about how thin the header is. I believe you can make it glow with a propane torch being held on it. It is not jetting, unless your jetting is that far off, it is a very normal occurrence on 4strokes these days, consider how thin the material is on the header , the temperature of the exhaust gasses and it seems pretty normal for it to glow red when sitting for a few minutes.
  5. kris55

    hard start

    Here has been my starting technique since it was brand new. Make sure gas is on of course. depending on how long it has sat, anything longer than 8-10 hours I will twist the gas at least 3x. colder weather or sitting longer takes 3-5 twists. pull choke out. start kicking, will usually fire within 3-4 FULL kicks or at least give a slight whimper like it wants to fire, if it hasn't fired after maybe up to 8 kicks, another twist of throttle or 2 will usually get it to go. This has worked for me in every temp except coming indoors from being in a - 0*F or colder trailer for a few hours, then it takes a little time for the cases to warm up before it fires, usually a small propane sunflower heater for a 1/2hr or so helps. Good Luck
  6. kris55

    My Sprocket got ripped from my hub

    My friend's 06 CRF 450 had a problem with sprocket bolts coming loose, eventually it made the hub hole eggshaped and would no longer stay tight. I drilled all the hub holes a little larger, then made small sleeves that would fit the hole I drilled out in the hub, and also allowed the stock bolts to be used again (new ones of course), Loctited the bolts and torqued the nut to spec while holding the bolt with an allen as described above and he's never had them come loose since. for reference I have never had a sprocket come loose on any of my bikes I have owned, I always took the bolts out and loctited them as explained above from day one, or anytime I replaced the sprocket.
  7. kris55

    HighPoint 250 coverage

    Anyone know if there is a re-run of the 450 race, my DVR failed to pick it up on NBC so I missed it. Thanks!
  8. kris55

    07 valve lash

  9. kris55

    07 valve lash

    Motorman1515, are you referring to the screw in the middle of the cam chain tensioner assembly, or do you have to remove the cam chain tensioner and then put the screwdriver in there??? could you please go into a little extra detail. Oakhillbiker, could you also explain in a little extra detail how your homemade tool is used. I always just put something (like a long pin or phillips screwdriver etc.) in the holes on the camshaft gear, that will then stop against the cam tower to lock it in place, this always did make me nervous putting some bit of odd side pressure on the tower but did work .
  10. If I had to guess it is 2nd on the finish line and triples, probably only 4th on a few straights and whoops,and maybe 3rd very little here and there in a few spots. But then again there bikes are setup totally different than a stock bike, from the engine to the gearing and suspension, it all work's together to allow them to do what they do on the track easier than a stock bike would on a supercross track. not saying they could'nt do it on a stock bike either, as I'm sure some privateers are, but thats just another of the plus's of being the higher paid stars.
  11. kris55

    Help a newbie with 450r - starting issues

    here are the stock jetting specs from my 07 crf 450 manual Main Jet= 178 Slow Jet= 42 Jet Needle= NJYR Needle clip position= 3rd groove counting from top down Leak Jet= 50 float level= .240 in. or 6.0 mm pilot screw opening= 1 3/4 turns out from lightly seated position I run the stock jetting specs at around 1300' of elevation without any glitches from as low as 50*F to 100*F, Ive never had a starting issue, or bogs, or falling flat at WFO. did you replace the gas with fresh gas after you cleaned the carb, you may have had some race gas, or just very old pump gas that was left in there and went bad.
  12. kris55

    Help me plan my vacation in Mn..

    I think most places you would have to end up trailering unless you could get the bike plated, and you most likely also have to register the bike with the DNR to go on just about anything other than private trails or private MX tracks, and I'm not sure anymore but even us MX'ers and private land owner's that ride on our own land have to be registered with the DNR now too i think. maybe someone else can chime in and clarify those rules. I know where I live which is kind of the boonies there are a ton of old mining dumps to ride in, but if the local conservation officer catches you on the streets without a plate or without the DNR registration in the woods he will get you for everything that he can,he is a real JKacc, if you know what I mean, the local cops do not care so much if you are off of the main roads and taking it easy, but anywhere else and you belong to the JKacc referred to above. good luck in your search though, wish i knew of a good spot like you dream of to tell you.
  13. kris55

    Help me plan my vacation in Mn..

    As long as motoxvet and future members will sign and pay in advance for a 20year non cancellable non refundable except on death only, lifetime membership contract/ reservation for every weekday/weekend there is available to ride regardless of weather, health, or any other planned/not planned for events that will make motoxvet and future members unable to appear that weekday/weekend of reserved riding. then yes maybe there is an oppurtunity.
  14. Thanks. The river jump is actually a man made moat around the track, there are 3 other different spots to cross it besides this one, this is just one of the easier ones to cross it at. there is also a 150' step down table on this track that only a few friends who were kind of "old" (late 20's early 30's) local pro's were doing, I wish I had pics of that one, they had to be pinned in 4th gear to make it on 450's, that was the sickest jump i've seen next to larocco's leap or similar.