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    new drz rider

    thanks for the help, guess I"ll just have to buy 3 or for sprockets and see what happens I was hopeing I wouldent have to go this route, Maybe I shouldent have said duelsporting and suggested more of a trail connector bike,I still race enduros, and gncc and harescramples so I wont the bike to performe in the woods could care less how it performes on the street as long as it will still cruise at 60mph. With the expence of racing and maintaining my 2011 250xc I did not wont to spend 8k for another ktm or husaberg 450 just to ride it 4 or 5 times a year most of the duelsport rides around here are 80 percent trail but you have to have a plated bike to ride in them. And is this mrd exhaust that mush better than a yosa becouse I can get the RS-2 full system for 389.00 from one of my sponcers.

    new drz rider

    I thought I was prety clear on what type of riding I will be doing in my first post. So ill say it again mostly single track with some fire roads I do not intend to use the bike as a street bike mainly just to get from one trail to the other, as long as the bike will still do about 60mph, but I really need the bike to grunt in the wood sections.

    new drz rider

    Kind of thought it would be close to the ktm 400 I had once, what is the best gearning, should it be geared like the E modle.

    new drz rider

    hey guys havent been here for some time now been over at ktmtalk, But today I bought my first non ktm bike for quite some time,I know nothing about this bike so please help me , Monday I will be ording a 4 gal tank, handguards, grips, knobby tires, rim locks, weld on pegs, yosh full system im still in debate about the taillight but I know the stock light wont last long in the woods, I bought this bike to get back into duelsporting which will still be mostly single-track with some gravel roads, I still need help with gearing, jetting, and any other mods that will wake the 400 up. A friend of mine works at comp-cams so he will be checking on a cam change for me on monday as well, if im correct the offroad version has different cams in it ? . SO please suggest away..... thanks bryan J. P.S I need a new screen name this may help with jetting I live in memphis tn so im about 300 above sea level, or do I just get a jd jet kit

    Head light help needed 300 XC

    no battery so your running off stator power only, more rpm means more current / brighter headlight need to upgrade to trailtrick stator for batterless bike stock stator not strong enough to power headlight and spark plug.

    Where to find graphics?


    300 Pictures


    300 Pictures

    2008 300xc
  9. I paid 6200 for my 08 300xc from grams ktm in mississippi, just 20mi from memphis.
  10. my shop here in memphis tenn has about 21 2009 in stock was there today and over heard a customer buying a 2009 300xcw for 7231.00 out the door, thats 6950.00 plus tax


    no not the redbull ones.go back to ktmcyclehut on the main page when you go down to click on graphics there they are .and if you do click on that box there the ones to the left of the black kit.so its factory-black-white then under the factory is the six day graphics. so the ones i would like to see pics of are the orange/black factory graphics.


    really want to thank you for your help. but maybe im not making it clear. pics of the factory racing graphics repelicas. not the black or white graphics .the factory graphics have the fmf logo on them. and I would like to see the rear fender of the kit as well to see what logos are printed on it. thanks for your help though. but does any body have real pics of this graphic kit. including fenders gas tank and lower fork guards.


    ktm cycle hut only show 2007 and earler in the factory racing graphics. thats why i would like to see some pics on 08 bikes of the factoryracing graphic kit.


    Who has bought the 08 factory racing graphics. from the ktm hardparts book. would like to see what they look like becouse im thinking about buying some but would like to see a pic of them on a bike. thanks