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  1. California

    Hey Jeff, I am in Fox Farm area of BB. McAlister blvd. and Fox Farm blvd. Lemme know - jon
  2. California

    Jeff/BOLT and Desertwalker, is this an invite? I'm up for it. When? Where? Show me around, I have a feeling I can keep up with you guys - jpn
  3. California

    I'm gonna be back up there with my family from July 3-8th. Anyone want to ride? Show me around? Thanks, - jon
  4. Hey, I am looking for peeps to go riding with in Big Bear. I am more into flowy single track than technical rock-climbing. I have a cabin up there and am up almost every other weekend. I don't know that many trails up there, but want to find/explore new ones. About me. I recently bought a ktm 350exc (but still love my CRF450R more), so i have a legal/plated bike. I have ridden MX since I was a kid, but trail riding in the woods is somewhat new to me. I think I am a pretty decent rider other than technical rock climbing stuff. I am 43 yr old dad and husband. I usually can only get away for a half day when I am up there. Oh ya, I like long moonlight walks on beach. Here are some links to see my riding skills. http://www.pinkbike....z/album/riding/ Lemme know, I am tired of riding by myself up there thanks, - jon
  5. "haha"?...ur a kook
  6. hahaha... you sound like my mother-in-law when she explains some gossip she read in the Enquirer (sp?)...
  7. nice. it that fresh water or salt? BTW- my parents live up there, glad to hear you finally got some good weather...
  8. agreed. if you do hit it, hit it straignt, whatever you do don't try to start your whip off the lip, i am pretty sure that 50lb ramp would tip over on its side and throw ya way off course.
  9. at the track. my old 250, I cant part with my 2smoker
  10. Nice man! its cool to see a new approaches on stuff.
  11. so your on a mac? if so download simple VLC Player... it usually will play most of the MPGs, Divx and others... hope that helps.
  12. hahaha... you can sure tell who is from the NW just by reading these posts
  13. great deal man. A cheap bottle of Goof-Off for the stickers might be another good deal for you .....
  14. heres mine the day I laced it up