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  1. redrider305

    Seminole Tribe Motocross is CLOSING?!?!?!

    Sad news. Trade my race trailer with 3 Hondas in it and thousands of dollars in gear for Sea Doo, crotch rocket, or anything I can use in South Florida. I'm joking, but the thought crossed my mind. R.I.P. Seminole, you will be missed. :usa:
  2. redrider305

    East Bay MX, Sun 15th

    What happened to the "free ride", it appears that it's not "free" after all. Liar, liar, bike's on fire.
  3. redrider305

    Email i got from Ride East Bay Motocross

    Sounds like bait and switch. Nothing "free" about it. Disapointing way to promote a new track.
  4. I am watching this "cat fight" develop betwen you two and I just can't stop laughin. Are you guy's f-ing serious? Grow up or stay off my thread. :mad: :mad:
  5. I appreciate your passion for the sport and the time you took to write this post but you need to have some facts straight: Nobody has confronted me at the park because I don’t ride there. I feel Miami MX is a sub-standard product and not a very friendly place to ride. Me and my crew simply don’t endorse it. You need to call DERM and ask some questions about the “bike cleaning” area and the kind of activity taking place there. It is flat out irresponsible to expose the park to a DERM shutdown because of this activity and believe you me, DERM can shut you down. On second thought, don’t call DERM. They could shut it down now and that would be worst. I bet the 90% of tracks you have been are private properties. This is a public park and the Parks Dept. is requiring a perimeter security fence in the RFP. There is no need to treat any part this valuable public space as a “private ranch” once that security fence is in place. I don’t know Mr. Griffin so it would be hard to have a personal thing with him. All I know of him is from his reputation and from public records (both here and in Uxbridge). Not a perfect picture in both cases. Do your homework and get back to me on this. Air-dania was shut down because of a fallout between Pete Scalzos partner (the "real" owner) and the city of Dania. The Moroso family is selling out after many years of ownership. The buyer ( rumored to be the NHRA ) does not care for MX or road racing so Moroso MX is been phased out in order to close the deal. Instead of having me talk to Mr. Griffin, why don’t you ask him how he has failed to communicate and gain the support the local clubs like ATV Xtreme, Miami Trailriders, Florida Trailriders and the AMA. Let me guess, he is waiting to win the RFP in order to embrace any of this valuable resources, right? My motivation for publicly discussing this process is exactly that. There appears to be a lot of misinformation running around this subject and that is something nobody can afford. Maybe Mr. Griffin is the guy for the job, maybe he is not. Secrecy and misinformation about this process helps no one. I don’t know what brand of “motocross” you have been sold on but let me assure you one thing, competition for this contract is a good thing. There is nothing wrong with rasing the "bar". Improved services will be the direct result. No hard feelings on your comments, I know your heart is on the right direction. Ride more, hate less, and beware. “In the world of the blind, the one eyed man is king”.
  6. I just received an "unoficial" copy of the draft for the Miami MX RFP and I am very disapointed on its "direction". First, it's a 10 year contract with two one year renewals. This means that we are going to be stuck with the same vendor for a long time while the people who are in charge of this selection don't ride and have very limited scope on the sport. It's like having a color blind person choose the color of your house. Not very smart, a five year term would have been more prudent. Second, the language and technical simplicity of the document does not address the technical aspects of the sport properly. In simple terms, there is a lot of important stuff missing. Third, the RFP requires a security fence but still allows for someone to live at the property. Very unusual for a public park and much more for one with limited space. Most of all, it fails to address the mess that this permanent vendor will be enheriting. Just to mention a few, who is going to pay for the removal of the permit-less light poles and what is going to happen when DERM gets the results of the core samples from the "bike cleaning" area. What about the building and bathrooms. These are just some of the serious questions this document fails to address. The way I see it, any former "sub shop vendor" could see this RFP as a good oportunity and decide to give "motocross" a try. That would be great, at least there would be good food at the place. :rolleyes: :p
  7. redrider305

    Miami MX "RFP" getting ready to come out.

    Sorry guys, this document would not fit in the original thread so here is the rest. (continued) SERVICE DELIVERY The requirements of this Scope of services will be the responsibility of the selected Proposer and information concerning these requirements must be submitted by Proposers as part of their Proposal: 1. The selected Proposer shall provide as operation that will be safe, customer oriented with prompt service, complaint resolution, effective employee performance and training and timely initiation and completion of all work: 2. The selected Proposer shall provide for and furnish good, prompt and efficient service adequate to meet all reasonable demands, including establishing minimum schedule and hours of operation, subject to approval by the Department. 3. The selected Proposers employees shall be distinctively uniformed or appropriately attired. All personnel must meet the Department’s standards for appearance and standards of conduct. The Department has an absolute right of approval over selection and tenure of all on-site management. 4. The selected Proposer shall take good care of the facilities and shall use the same in a careful manner and shall at its own cost and expense repair County property of facilities damages by its operations under this contract. 5. The selected Proposer shall develop, operate and maintain a family oriented, year round motorsports park. 6. The selected Proposer shall provide food concessions with seating areas to park patrons and visitors. 7. The selected Proposer shall provide for special events associated with the motorsports theme. 8. The selected Proposer will be responsible for the daily upkeep of the facilities. 9. The selected Proposer will be responsible to insure that a national background and sexual predator/sexual offender checks are conducted on all personnel working at the facility pursuant to Miami-Dade County Ordinance No. 08-07. OTHER SERVICES AND ACTIVITIES The Selected Proposer shall be authorized to provide additional services and activities only with the written approval from the Department. The Department reserves the right to schedule special events that may preclude the selected Proposer from operating during a given event. The Department will use reasonable efforts to notify the selected Proposer as early as possible of these special events, but in no event later than two weeks prior to the special event.
  8. As expected, the Miami Parks Administration is getting ready to announce the RFP process to select the permanent vendor responsible for operating the public MX track at Miton E. Tompson park, best known to local riders as Miami MX. The actual request has not been released yet and you will have to register as a vendor in order to download it. Here is a draft copy of the document, post your comments.
  9. redrider305

    Miami, the county is ready to vote on the UDB

    Well, l f we dont get involved, that will never come to be.
  10. The county comission is ready to vote on the possible extension of the UDB (Urban Development Boundary) this Thursday at 9:00 AM at the Clark Center. This is an very important decision for our sport and our way of life. Check www.udbline.com
  11. redrider305

    New dirt at Miami Mx Nice stuff

    If you like riding in muck you can save the $25 and just go to Holey Lands, you will find miles of this crap in there.
  12. redrider305

    New track coming - need to find land

    Would your friend consider the Miami area? PM me, I can help.
  13. You need to stay off the coffee, BRO.
  14. redrider305

    250 sxf enough for me?

    First let me say that there is no more "125" class, 250cc 4 strokes dominate the field these days and you will out muscle anybody out there if you decide to go orange. You will win the drag race all the time. The factory cam is strong on 1/4 to 2/3 of the powerband and fades slightly after 10K RPM. This makes you faster than trying to find that top end explosion you see on the big four. Lower and midrange power wins races and is what lets you put a wheel ahead of some one while trying to pass. The seat is a brick but in a sick way I have learned to like it as it has excellent lateral grip and somehow I feel more control when using my knees. I am 185 without gear an I feel that the spring rate is fine for the big hit but it could use more finess around rocks and woods as it will feel a bit harsh if you dont make compression/rebound adjustments when hitting the woods. Brakes are Brembo, the hidraulic clutch is magura on a pro taper bar with KTM bend. Foot controls are A1 and do not need an upgrade. Pegs are OK. Taking the seat off is a one bolt operation and you need no tools to reach the airbox. You dont have to remove the tank to change a spark plug and burn yourself to make a fuel adjustment as the motor is all 100% common sense. Let me also say that you will not be a slower rider on a 250. I went down to a 250SX-F over a year ago and I will probably stay 250 for most terrains and 100% at the track. You tend to rely less on power and put more attention into braking and cornering. You can also ride pinned all the time which is something you will enjoy. Also acceleration and deceleration transitions are smoother. Last thing is weight and fuel economy, especially burning VP at $13 a gallon. The big four make some amaizing bikes these days but KTM should be the benchmark. These bikes are 100% ready right out of the showroom. All of this from a guy with 5 Hondas on his trailer. Come to "the dark side" and go orange, you are going to love it.
  15. redrider305

    Dual sport ride in Miami today SAt.

    It's bone dry out there today. Call me and join our "mob". 305-807-4914