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  1. Heres the bike
  2. Yeah cheers mate exact info i was looking for, Ill be checking the valves first thing tomorrow. & binking they maybe cheap but seriously the amount of punishment this bike has withstood . I mostly use for jumping i have a 5 and 1/2 foot ramp i hit it on. The suspension is actually pretty good and can be adjusted. Anyway ill post some pics up ive got some shitty ones that were taken when it was a bit dark ill get some more. Thanks for your help
  3. Hey i just bought a pitpro 140cc Anyway ive got a ticking sound coming from where the valves are . Just curious as to what clearance the intake/exhuast valves need to be set to. Also this bike doesnt have a hole to the flywheel to line up the TDC so any methods any1 uses to find TDC? Its a lifan 140cc engine.