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  1. Iv tried alot of the big names and i really like red line.The motors allways run great and are very clean when i go to rebiuld them.I tried klotz r 50 a month or so ago and the bike would load up when i was warming it up and evan killed a plug the bike has never done that on red line.
  2. Yeah if i ever see the guy that flimed that agian ill ask him what he was using.Yeah i didnt even know the track had a name i gess thats what some of the locals call it.Ill have to ask my buddy to try and get a whole lap of the track on the helmet so you can see the whole thing. The track has got to be one of the best tracks in the area.
  3. Oh sorry if i wasnt more clear but the track is my buddies and i did not do any of the fliming so im not sure,I was there though im the only guy on a yamaha i was sittin on my bike in back ground lol.
  4. Yeah in person it just looks nuts.When i first went out there i all most just went home cause the tracks so narly but its fun now that i can atleast hit half the jumps.The track is just siting in the middle of no where and only like 20 or so people ride there a week and its way better then any of the local tracks.
  5. This is a clip of made on my buddy Brandons track in Lodi Ca.You dont get to see the whole track but id say its one of the better tracks in norcal and its 20 min from my house to bad i dont really like to ride tracks much lol. I dont know how to make a link but copy and paste this
  6. Im haveing that problem on my 06 yz250. I cut the strap of and now every ride my bike the brake line ends up behind my number plate.
  7. Yep there fun bikes every time we go riding i hop on my buddies 03 rm125 whether he likes it or not lol.
  8. I just tried some and after runing 5 gallons threw my 06 yz 250 I wouldnt use it again. The bike would load up when i was warming it up and then it fouled a plug and the plug looked to have some carbon build up on it. Im sticking with redline i havnt fouled a plug yet with it and it burns super clean and the bike never loaded up like it did with Klotz r50. MIKE
  9. Thanks alot.So nuthing from the older bikes would work we are looking for a spark arrestor for it and theres a nice one off a 94.Thanks Mike
  10. Hi, I was woundering what year silencers would fit a 96 yz 250. Thanks Mike
  11. I can get 4 full size bikes in my 5by8 with tall sides.I just put every other bike in back words, Its a tight fit and hard to get them in and out but i have had to do it a few times and it works. Mike
  12. Maybe an 85 2 stroke would work, same size as a 150r with just as much power and will start a lot easier.
  13. Does,any one know if you can get the light sensetive lenses for SPY goggles?
  14. You should try out the fasst flex bars, they are the sh$t and very tall.They may cost more but are worth the money, they are strong and feel great and they also help me ride longer with outarm pump. Mike
  15. The guy on the ktm in the begining of that first video rides hella fast with out ever really standing up i wish i could do that he must save a ton of energy.Is that the best way to go through the twistes, I stand most of the time except for sharpe turns when i need to get on the tank. Mike