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  1. Brown55

    Honda kodiak

    we have a 2003 Kodiak, we ran a cheep winch on it, it took full time power from the battery (we think) and completely drained it, we un-hooked the winch from the battery and ran the machine for a couple of miles to try to get a charge on the battery. nothing happened. when we triple charged it, the triple charger said it was charged right when we hooked it up. we had the battery tested at our parts store and it came back as charged. we checked all of the fuses we could find, no luck. she still won't start, unless you pull start it. then it runs fine. i am out of ideas.
  2. Brown55

    Honda sprocket tips?

    i am looking into chageing my front sprocket from a 15 to a 14, comments? tips?
  3. i have a white bros. slip on pipe, is it worth the money to go to a full pipe?
  4. Brown55

    400EX question

    i run my 400ex in the snow all the time, i've had no problems. "complete detonation!" ummm, no.
  5. Brown55

    St. Anthony's... Jetting Required?

    I go to the st. Anothy dunes all the time and i have no problem with my jets.