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  1. go_easy1

    Attaching the Airbox Boot

    I don't have a problem getting on the carb, so greasing the boot isn't the solution. It's like the boot is is a half inch too short to reach the carb. I will check the subframe, but I don't think its bent. I will also try loosng it from the head. Thanks for the tips.
  2. go_easy1

    Attaching the Airbox Boot

    I don't know if my situation is one-off or not, but I have had trouble reattaching the airbox boot to the carb every time I've had it off. It normally takes me an hour of fiddling with the thing each time. I end up loosing it from the subframe and pushing and shoving and cussing until it magically decides to go on. Anybody have any advice or tips?
  3. go_easy1

    need jetting suggestions at altitude

    I'm thinking about a 140 main, 40 pilot and dropping the R needle a notch. Stock was a 130 main. What do you guys think.
  4. I am planning to ride at Sweetwater Nevada in a couple of weeks and need suggestions for jetting my 2006 CRF250X. I have opened the top of the airbox and modified the stock muffler. I am currently running a 155 main, 42 pilot, NCYS needle (4th clip), and 55 leakjet w/ the o-ring accelerator pump mod at elevations from 300' to 5000'. Sweetwater is 7000'-9000' and one ride will be to 12000'. Anyone have suggestions? Thanks,
  5. go_easy1

    XR400 Running Again

    My XR400 had the same broken shaft when I bought it. I had it repaired, $400 at the local shop with engine out, and just broke it again in the same place as the result of a lowside on the shifter side. Several dealers have said that the shaft can be replaced without splitting the cases, but I don't believe them. I just talked to a shop last week and they said $450, but also said that it can be done without splitting the cases and with the engine in the bike. I like the price, but am not sure that they won't bil me more than the estimate if they fine they have to split the cases.