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  1. hawncase

    Weak Rear Brake

    My 2001 xr250r rear brake just seems weak. I've changed out the caliper, brake line, master and resevoir to some effect. I think my original caliper and master were shot, but the part out brake parts now have the rear brake working, but it just doesn't lock up the rear wheel the way I'd like them to. I had a 650L that had the same problem a few years ago. It was common among the brp's. Are xr250r's the same?
  2. hawncase

    Parting out '97 XR250

    Just received my parts from Kyle. Was a good deal! If you need a part for your xr250, check him out! Thanks again, Kyle!
  3. hawncase

    Parting out '97 XR250

    Um, I'll bite. How's the plastics, rear brake master and caliper. How about your odometer cable? Got an aftermarket slip on by any chance? Air filter? Tank? Just picked up a 2001 r and it could use a few things. Maybe pm would be the best way to proceed. Thanks.
  4. hawncase

    Aftermarket Springs for 2002 XR250R

    Btw I found mention of the following on dirtrider.net. In talking about common mods for the xr250, the writer said, Replace the fork springs with Racetech k430 springs. Replace the stock fork oil while at it and put in 570cc of oil per leg. Maybe this is an obsolete parts number? Nothing even close to it on their site. It was too late to call to see if there is an updated parts number.
  5. hawncase

    Aftermarket Springs for 2002 XR250R

    Dude, this is just what I was all over the net looking for today! Just picked up an xr250r on monday. I knew I'd be needing to upgrade the suspension but had no idea nobody is making the springs anymore. Good job, cpetz! I wish there was something a little more stout for my 235lbs. but this will be way better and for the money, u bet. I may try the spacer and heavier oil treatement and just roll with it. Nice job, man! Thanks!
  6. Hey, I need to upgrade my supposedly street legal 650r. I got it virtually mail order and found that though the guy had it plated and legal, it's missing some necessary parts for me to get through a safety check here, namely hi/lo beam light and a horn. Also need some kind of batter to back the system up. I guess the guy had connections and was able to get a safety check without the above. I was even thinking of bs'ing something up with a stray battery charged up just enough to get through the safety check...Anybody try that? Thanks.
  7. hawncase

    drz125 carb leak. Any idea?

    I effen give up...five times trying...I even tried bending the deal on the float to get the needle to seal better... Anybody got a dece stock carb laying around?
  8. hawncase

    drz125 carb leak. Any idea?

    Thanks, man...I gotta get this bike outta my garage! Between this one and the xr650L, they're killin me!
  9. Ok, this is really pissing me off... I cleaned the carb, put it back together, started, ran then started leaking out the bowl overflow tube. I take it back apart and the float needle seemed to be sticking in the seat. I clean it out, again!, and put it back together...starts, runs then starts leaking out the bowl overflow tube again. I take it back apart. This time I really get into it and clean the needle and seat again, I think I find a bit more gunk, but I'm not sure...I put it back together and starts, runs and starts leaking out the...you know where... I'm ready to whack the thing with a hammer (and yeah, I did tap it to see if the float was getting stuck or something...no luck). Any ideas? I'm on the verge of checking the float for pinholes...though it's hasn't had any fluid inside at any time I've taken it apart before... Anybody got a stock carb they'd part with cheap?
  10. hawncase

    DRZ-125L fork boot alternatives?

    I don't think I'd run the drz125 forks without something to keep the dust and mud out of them. The reason is that when you take the boot off, without some kind of dustcover like old style forks, you're left with a cup just perfect for holding the dirt and crap. I think you'd wind up shreading your seals in no time. On another note, I got some daystar #58 rubber boots of ebay. They're a lot bigger than the stock ones, but I managed to make them work. I'll post a pic when I can. Actually came out pretty good. Will keep the crud out and didn't cost an arm and a leg from suzuki. There may be a better one you can get on ebay actually out of thailand. Looked closer to the original style than the daystars. And maybe daystar makes a different model that might fit better. Anyways, I made these work and it's good enough for this little suzuki.
  11. Awlright!!! It got here today! Thanks Ryan! Looks great! Nice and straight! And thanks Beamish, too. Sorry I put you to the trouble of digging through the garage...If yours is anything like mine, that's a pain... You guys are what makes this place great! Mahalo, Braddahs!!!
  12. Dang Man, I made a deal with ryan for one...sorry for your troubles.
  13. hawncase

    DRZ-125L fork boot alternatives?

    Same thing here now...fixing the frame for a kid and I see his fork boots are shot...looks like he tried the ole duct tape fix...looks like crap of course... Anybody find an alternative seller of rubber boots that will actually mate to the stock fork? I never liked that sock thing...looks cute but will obviously trap crud in there...and the price for sukuki is criminal... At this point I'm thinking just going without...