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  1. bulldograceman

    Beta 525RS as good as it gets!

    Skully--Interesting take on Beta--you must not have done your homework? Fully adjustable Marzocchi fork--already set up for enduro riding (plush) Sachs rear shock with link (like a dirt bike should have)--High and low speed compression--rides like my favorite chair in the house--never seen bottom 525 long stroke "Proven engine" unlke the 530 that is hard to manage and has some issues already Billet triple clamps, high end computer, big tank, engine gaurds--and a host of hard parts waitig for me to purchase. Fit and finish is far better than KTM--bike is perfect out of the box--Guess what--Beta sends it new owners a plaque with the proud builders who assembled it--KTM is getting so big so fast--I think they forgot thier roots? The only complaint--the seat is hard--oh well... Only a select number of dealers--I purchased mine in Santa Rosa, CA one of the best customer service shops I have EVER dealt with. I highly recommend them! So Skully--I appreciate your mainstream view regarding bikes--but when you see a Beta in the woods--you will fall in love!
  2. bulldograceman

    08 Beta ready to race

    Hey Mr F.--I rode with you and a bunch of others a month or so ago at CC Camp and you got me hooked on the Beta after following you (when I could)--purchased the 525RS and will start the Enduro Season for the first time this year--thanks for the vision! I love the bike! Just got back from Ridgecrest today--500 miles--three days--the bike was awesome!
  3. bulldograceman

    Beta 525RS as good as it gets!

    I just picked up an '08 Beta525RS and took it for a break in at Ridgecrest this week. The bike is awesome and I can't think of a better all around machine. Anyone else riding a Beta?
  4. bulldograceman

    Need suggestions for DR650SE

    I have a set of 17" wheels and tires already set up for the 01 DR650SE--I would like to unload them If interested send me a private message
  5. bulldograceman

    NEW KTM 690 supermoto

    1. Needs suspension work--anyone know a good tech? 2. Needs to be remapped--it is corked 3. Needs wind protection--hope someone makes a shield (small is OK) 4. Needs new pipes--like riding a sewing machine 5. Needs a 19" front wheel--adventure written all over it Then watch out: Nothing will keep up with it! If you don't believe me--you will have a good look ahead---
  6. bulldograceman

    NEW KTM 690 supermoto

    I ran the bike through a 1000 turns last Sunday following a GS and an XR650 (motard and built). I have been riding a GS and a built DR650 both of which I can run into a turn hard and fast. The 690 is so smooth that I think I'm carrying more speed in and having my trouble getting out. I adjusted the rebound a few clicks and sometimes it worked and others it still felt heavy. I'm sure once I figure out the 17 front end and find more power--I ran along the XR650 until 93MPG and then he slowly started pulling me (gearing, pipes, lose some lb's??). The bike is far more of a technical bike than my others--but I was hoping out of the gate I would be performing at or near my level sooner. Time will tell and if I need to upgrade suspension (Ohlines and precision concepts) and lighten it up with better pipes--so be it.
  7. bulldograceman

    KTM 690 Supermoto - anyone ridden one?

    Just bought a 690 last Friday and finally broke it in yesterday. It is fast but looking for more power. Pipes? Mapping? Feels plugged up--California bike. Mapping or uncorking tips? Suspension is lacking a bit--rides hard, front end feels like it wants to pull up early before exit, lots of input seems to upset it, tracks wide and bumps make it wobble at speed. Should I drop the forks 5 or 10mm? Compared to my adventure bike--the bike doesn't carve in tight turns--does well in high speed turns but feels heavy up front--maybe I need to ride the tank. No compression adjustments and I'm running the tires at spec's. Would like a little more plushness. Fifth gear keeps slipping--like a false neutral--about 40% of the time--If aren't deliberate in shifting it will not engage and rev's to the moon and then engages back into the original gear. I know I must get used to it--but it should be more refined. Tires are OK--Bridgestone 090--new to the market in US and I slipped a little in dirty turns--have not been in the wet. yet... Anyone have any ideas on both the perfomance and handling?