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  1. vid of my bike: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EpwT8qTuvU
  2. enjoy this vid... http://media.putfile.com/DRZ-April-15-2006
  3. C'mon muahman, kick that pipe's ass!
  4. http://www.galferusa.com/MOTO.html Click on 2006 PDF catalog download. see page 8. Carry On.
  5. Welcome, muahman!!
  6. I might add another bolt, underneath the 5, and lock-tite em down.
  7. Mines is all good.
  8. Dru, from my real name: Andrew. Dog, well cuz I'm a dog. And my street name my crew from high school gave me.
  9. peep out Galfer. they gots em, and specific to SM. (goto their website, click on PDF for 2006 Catalog, it's in there)
  10. bump. might make one for my wife.
  11. Here is my set-up. I am happy with it. My covers came off easy, almost too easy, like they werent torqued to specs. Oh well.
  12. word brotha. i was wondering if anybody would notice that.
  13. Don't look in my garage. Not much to see there.
  14. Lookin good dogg.