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  1. When i go to blled my inner chamber i can never get all the air out... the rod acts like a vacum and sucks back in... i think i need a new dampening rod seal, but i cant find directions on how to change it... ive searched for ever on it??? thanx
  2. right on.. if it doesnt work out for me i will just sell it to you for 20$ so i can get the 47mm
  3. I was given a 49mm fork seal driver but it does not fit my 05 crf 450... i was hoping someone would want to make a trade.. i need the 46/47 mm seal driver... thanx, Louis
  4. I have a brand new 49mm fork seal driver that will not fit my crf450, i was wondering if anyone would like to trade for a 46/47mm seal driver? hopefully someone out there is in need of this trade! thanx, Louis
  5. well i ended up riding it yesterday and it seemed to be fine. that a good idea on the linkage. i will take it apart and grease them up. thanx my homies
  6. My 05 450 was sitting for about a month. i live in so cal and it has gotten pretty cold the past month. today i went to sit on my bike and the rear shock would only go down a few inches. i jumped up and down on it and rode it around the yard then played with the clickers and it started to loosen up back to normal. the shock was rebuilt september of 07 and ive rode it alot since then and this is the first time it has happened. i know air in the shock will cause that but it has been well over 10 hours of riding. can it be the cold weather. ive ony got about 3-4 hours on it this season. so what is up?
  7. I have the windham contour bars with plus 10mm bar mounts. I want to go back down to stock height. Who makes bar mounts that mount to stock clamps that are 2-5mm forward. What do you guys think of that in regards to the handling? Im 6'2'' 215
  8. wow this is more importan then i thought. thanx for the help
  9. thanx but what do you grind down the ring with
  10. What ways do you guys measure the ring gap? i tried putting it in the cylinder but not sure if thats the most accurate. What works the best in grinding it down? Wouldnt the smaller the gap the better?
  11. Is it okay to change the intake valves and springs without having the exhaust valves done? I could barely fit anything between the lobe and valve but the left exhaust valve was .014 and the right was .015. i want ss valves and also adding a 12.5:1 je piston. ps: i tried searching the thread but its a pain in the neck sometimes. all i need is if its a good choice bad choice or dumb question. And also im in riverside ,ca where is a good shop for head work. Where is SUSPENSION BY JAKE his number (951-681-2829) is not working? GOD BLESS EVERYONE I LOVE THIS SITE:thumbsup:
  12. I cracked my Left case right werer the clutch goes int the motor because the bolt on my CASE SAVER fell out. i jb welded for now but i was wondering if anyone had any pics or good instruction to split the case. How should i go about it?
  13. i bent my stock pipe and i want to get just a header pipe without the exhaust. what works good with the stock exhaust? do i have to re jet it?
  14. on my 05 crf450 the front tire wants to washout over everything im abou 6'2" and 205 still have stock forks but lowered them down as much as i could. got a fresh maxxis tire also and higher bar clamps with pro tapers. what can i do to help this??