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  1. nsane_airbrusher

    How do I get more out of my 426???

    Wow, thanks for all the help guys, I will deff get back on all those mods and get this thing goin again, and im not a noob, i;ve been riding since i was 13, this is just my first 4-stroke.
  2. nsane_airbrusher

    How do I get more out of my 426???

    Never Since i've owened it
  3. nsane_airbrusher

    How do I get more out of my 426???

    Hmmm, i'll have to look into that '03 cam, that sounds like a good idea. Rebuilding it doesn't sound like to bad of an idea either. The dude I got it off of was a old guy that used it for trail riding... it had a kickstand, haha.
  4. Hey guys, new member, first post. Just wondering if anyone can help me out here. I have a '00 YZ426F bought it used about 4 months ago, and when i first got it, I could set off in 2nd or 3rd gear give it the gas and just pull the front end off the ground. Since i bought it, I added a boysen quickshot accelerator pump cover (helped the bogging problem alot) I took it to the dunes for a weekend and it ran like a champ, I just finished changing the oil and filter and when I last took it out to ride, I noticed that I had lost quite a bit of power. I couldn't get the wheels off the ground without a pretty good bounce. The only thing I had done was take the spark arrestor plate out of my white bros tip. Could this possible mess with the back pressure and cause me to loose power? Also, does anyone know of a couple inexpensive mods I can do to give it a little more pep? I want to take it to the track, but I don't want to get stomped. Thanks for any and all help you guys