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  1. rollout221


    Yeah, I could use some gas tank air shrouds also. I am also looking for some new tires and wheels and maybe an exaust. Any Suggestions?
  2. rollout221

    Tranny oil metal flakes

    When I changed my tranny oil at 100 mi. there were many, very small metal flakes in the oil. When I got the bike I checked the oil level and it was good. So is this normal for break in?
  3. rollout221


    I'm new also. I have found a great deal of valuable information on this forum. It's a great resource to have, especially for a new bike owner or a new rider.
  4. rollout221

    older vehicles

    Go for it. If you can do most repairs and maintenance yourself you will save money. You will also save money on insurance. I drive a 85' F150 4x4 that looks like hell but is a completely reliable mode of transportation from 600 mile highway ventures to weekend wheel'in adventures. I know it in and out, what has been fixed and what needs to be fixed. If you are handy with a wrench an older rig is a good choice.
  5. rollout221

    69 bronco or 71 blazer?

    Go for the Bronco 66-77 are classic wheelers
  6. rollout221

    whats everyone drive ?.

    85' F-150 Rusty chrome wheels Natural camo paint job (red, primer gray, rust) 31 inch SXT's 300/6 4-speed Goes anywhere-pavement or dirt
  7. rollout221

    Best Drink for Working Out

    You can't beat water.
  8. rollout221

    Tri-Cities Riding

    I am new to this area and new to riding in general and would like to know about riding areas fairly close to the Tri-Cities. Specifically trails and off-road riding.
  9. rollout221

    New rider, 450x good choice?

    As a very inexperienced rider, I purchased a 05 CRF450x. My original plans were to go with the XR400 but employment opportunities delayed my purchase and a CRF was what became available. This is my first bike and it seems manageable but not as much as I thought an XR might be. Can I adapt to this bike or should I downgrade to a XR. I plan on the majority of my riding being trails and dirt road in the Rocky Mountain and PNW regions.
  10. rollout221


    I have a 84 ATC250R and would like to know if anyone out there has any experience with restoration and/or modifications of these classic air cooled two strokes. I have owned it for 12 years and plan on holding on to it.