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  1. Does anyone know where I can find a front caliper guide pin for an 04 crf450r? I need the one that Honda sells with the bracket.
  2. I had good luck using Maxima foam filter oil and Maxima filter cleaner. I use Bel-Ray waterproof grease to seal the base of the filter to the air box.
  3. andrewtodd

    Best year plastics to get for a 2004

    My 04 with a Cycra.
  4. My 04 did the exact same thing. I purchased a brand new OEM cylinder. I had the new one bored to a 139cc. It had an offset bore going away from the exhaust bridge. The exhaust bridge was beefed up, replated, power valve modified, ported, and the piston drilled. The head was damaged also. The surface and combustion chamber were milled to where I had to use a shorter plug to prevent it from hitting the piston. Night and day difference from stock.
  5. andrewtodd

    $2k which bike?

    with your size, i would not even consider a bike that did not have an engine cradle if you are going to do any jumping at all. IMO small wheels do not come close to the 14/12 set up. the footpegs drag more often with the small wheels.
  6. andrewtodd

    Pitster wheels binding

    check the wheel spacers and replace the cheap chinese bearings with some good quality american made bearings. most people will not fully appreciate the refinement, the fit, and the finish of a japanese motorcycle until they have purchased a chinese motorcycle.
  7. andrewtodd


    the link has the classes from loretta lynn's amatuer nationals. http://www.mxsports.com/classes/
  8. andrewtodd

    Short riders, what to do?

    i'm vertically challenged also (5'7") and riding my cr125 feels big at times also. lowering links will help but making the bike shorter between your feet and your crotch will help also. here are a couple things that you can do to make your bike fit you a little bit better. shave the seat. cut 5mm from your subframe at the bottom where it mounts to the frame. this will make the seat height 15mm lower at the rear. purchase another set of footpegs like the ones on your bike. grind or cut the teeth off of one set of pegs. take the other set of pegs and cut the teeth off about 1/4 of an inch below the lowest part of the teeth. weld the teeth onto the other set. the seat shaving and cutting the subframe will make it easier to touch the ground. shaving the seat, cutting the subframe, and making the pegs taller will give you more room between your feet and crotch. this will help anywhere that the seat comes in contact with your crotch when your legs are fully extended while standing on the pegs like the whoops.
  9. andrewtodd

    vforce reeds should i or not????

    i installed a v-force in my 1996 cr125 and had to cut a piece of the boot off. it had a pro circuit pipe and silencer. i noticed more of a gain when i put it on than when i put the pipe and silencer on. the bike back-fired when a friend of mine was trying to start it and broke the reeds. i sent it back and they replaced it free of charge. excellent customer service means alot to me. i also installed the v3 on my 2004 cr125 and noticed a gain. it seemed like it had more power everywhere. i recommend the v-force even though they broke in my 1996. http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/b...g?t=1185359368 http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/b...g?t=1185359445 http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/b...g?t=1185359506 i still have the v3 in my 2004 cr125 and have had good luck. you are going to hear several opinions on here about the 2 different brands. when the factory teams where riding 2strokes, they used vforce. ktm bikes come from the factory with vforce. i did not see any 2trokes at the loretta lynn's amatuer nationals using boyesen. all of the 2strokes i looked at there were using vforce or stock. i have never used the boyesen so i cannot give you any info on them. both of the bikes i have used them in made a noticeable power gain everywhere.
  10. andrewtodd

    150R legal in 85 Class?

    here is a link to the classes that ran at the loretta lynn's amateur nationals. http://www.mxsports.com/classes/ there were about 5 150cc bikes that i noticed in the supermini class. i did not see any 150cc bikes in the schoolboy class or any 150cc bikes in any of the lites classes.
  11. andrewtodd

    question about cometic top end gasket set

    thanks for responding to my question guys. i ordered the parts today. i'm looking forward to seeing how much of an increase i will get.
  12. andrewtodd

    Freestone Pics

    awesome pictures!!!! thanks for taking the time to post. :eek:
  13. andrewtodd

    CHECK THIS OUT!! - Asphault whoops and table tops!

    sweet track. i would want to wear all available gear.
  14. andrewtodd

    Extremely disappointed in Freestone National Track

    i wish monster mountain in tallassee alabama would hold a national. by far one of the best tracks i have ever seen. the flat track or tt track in the vid looks like it would be awesome for 65cc and smaller cc classes.