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  1. imj75

    Radiator Thermometer "tape"

    How much do the Vapor cost?
  2. imj75

    Just got a WR426 today!

    Congrats on the WR. I also have a 02 WR426, with free mods and GYTR pipe. Runs leaner and hotter and needed a more rich mixture. I would not bother with a steering damper, as I have gone full on in 5th on rough gravel roads and never a sign of headshake. It just adds weight IMHO. Change your oil ever 250km - 400km dependant on temp and riding style. If the oil gets dark, change. I used to foul plugs, and need 30 kicks to start until I REALLY took note of the starting procedure. Down to 2-3 kicks after standing for a few weeks, or 1 when hot. Love mine!
  3. imj75

    Botswana Desert Run

    Thank for the link BeeJay
  4. imj75

    Botswana Desert Run

    Hey RSAThump. Where I am there isn't a lot of challenging stuff very close, but take a 20km ride and it gets better: there is the brick mine/factory next to the R21 on the way to JanSmuts, and a nice patch behind Irene farm villages etc. If you want to get together for a ride just give me a shout. Cheers.
  5. imj75

    Paper vs. Steel oil filter

    Is there any way of increasing my WR426's oil capacity with some sort of external oil reservoir to increase distances between oil changes? I am thinking of going on a 1200km trip which equates to 3-4 oil changes. If I up the oil capacity I might get this down to 1 or hopefully none during the trip.
  6. imj75


    Welcome wswain! I have an 02 WR426. 1. I haven't DS'd her, but have ridden on tarmac, and know that using standard knoblies on tarmac will also mean very short tyre life as they will get bald very quickly (say about 1000km for HARD compound knoblies) 2. According to my GPS she runs about 130kmh max, but I dont know if I have std gearing as I bought the bike 2nd hand, slightly modified and never bothered looking at the gearing. 3. Using Mobil S1 synth oil I have to change at 400km and sometimes earlier, as the oil seems dark by then. I only ride on weekends, alone, and not comp, to give you some idea of maintenance. Clean airfilter after every 2nd ride. I think the airfilter stays clean cos I'm not riding in anyone's dust. Problems? Well you need to learn the starting procedure, but it's not rocket science, making a MacDonalds order is more difficult. The bike needs to be jetted correctly, for which you'll find a lot of help on this forum - check the jetting sticky thread. I don't have a lot of mechanical skills, but with the help available on this forum I went from wanting to sell my WR (initialy killed spark plugs every 2nd ride which I solved by using correct starting procedure) to dreaming of her every Friday night before my weekend rides. Did all the work myself using a 8, 10, 11, 12 size spanner set, allen keys, 2 screwdrivers, and a pier of pliers. 4. They don't have keys to start. Lock her with a big cable lock to a lamppost in the complex where I live - no probs (south africa is big on MC theft) PS don't buy an '03 450 whatever the bargain - lots of 'woodruff key issues' that the 02 426 don't suffer from.
  7. imj75

    Botswana Desert Run

    Hi Check out http://www.familyadventures.co.za/events.htm RSAThumb where r u? I'm in Pta, looking for mild rides on weekends, but no-one around here is riding (I'm near Irene).
  8. imj75


    I agree with MountainMAx. Started practising wheelies yesterday. Found a empty lot with short grass (not someone's lawn!) and started experimenting. I weigh about 75kg (165 pounds) and ride a 426 with a GYTR pipe. In 1st, 2nd and third she comes up without wheelspin or clutch. I kept to 2nd to minimize pain should I fall, and found that gunning her does induce wheelspin, thus sacrificing grip and loosing lift. Smoother accell proved successful, and I found by standing, and leaning back it was very easy to lift and control once the front is up. I got to the point where she lifts just beyond idle, and stays up into the overrev. Still too chicken to goto 3rd while wheely-ing. After that went for a ride on a dirt road with the same cropped grass growing to the sides and middle. I timed opening up in 4th with bumps, and she'd come up fast and high. Nearly soiled myself 3 or 4 times... I would hear a noise immediately after and realise its me yelling Endless fun!!! I would recommend practise on a soft grippy surface wearing all gear.
  9. imj75

    Lean Revving Motor

    I had a similiar problem, but without the cracked slider. Also took the carb apart to try and find the source. Eventually solved it by riching out the idle (test after each additional 1/2 turn out on pilot), and fiddling with the idle speed. My '02 WR426 has a GYTR so it runs leaner on stock jetting. Got the idle down (when hot) from about 3k rpm to a nice 800-1000, which makes it easier to ride in tough tight trails. Pilot ended up at 3 3/4 out. Idles like a sowing machine on steroids... Seems the reasons it idles higher when hot is the heat leans the idling out further, and this causes the 'sticking' high idling speed. Your description of easy starting and overall performance matches mine, so give the idling mix a try.
  10. imj75

    WR400/426/450 Jetting Database

    Year: 2002 Model 426 Cam Timing (WR/YZ): WR Main jet: 165 Pilot Jet: 65 PAJ: stock Leak Jet: stock Starter Jet: stock Fuel screw (turns out): 3.75 Needle Model/Clip position: std Grey Wire Mod (Y/N): N TPS Connected (Y/N): Y Airbox Snorkel/Lid (on or off): off AIS Removed (Y/N): N Airfilter Brand: Stock Exhaust Brand: GYTR Average Altitude: 1500m Average Temperature: 20-38 Celcius Average Humidity: low Degree of Satisfaction (0-10): 8 Additional Mods/Comments: When I got the bike it was idling high, until I turned the idling mix screw from 3 to 3.75. Got it idling very well. Also down to 3 kicks with choke after 4 weeks. Hot, it starts 1 - 2 kicks. DO NOT TOUCH THE THROTTLE WHILE KICKING!! Cost me about 4 plugs to TRULY understand what that sentence means... I've done about 300 km on the current plug, no hassles
  11. I had a tank that cracked right next to the fuel tap. A backyard repairman fixid it by lining the tank with some sort of epoxy. The tank was fine for the 12 months I had it after that.
  12. imj75

    Feedback on 426 hard starting

    Bamster, is checking the valves a tough job? My tech skills: can do oil change, chain change, sparkplug, carb dismantle. What tools would I need for checking valves?
  13. imj75

    Feedback on 426 hard starting

    Oh, and fitted a long range Acrebis tank I got for the price of 2 liters worth of Mobil S1!!! . Bike started 3rd kick with choke. Took it for a 6km ride, and it seems back to normal, but still idling higher as eng temp goes up.
  14. imj75

    Feedback on 426 hard starting

    Pulled the carb: the 3 jets at the bottom were: pj - 40 mj - 165 other jet - 65 The screw at the bottom was turned 3 times out The jets seemed clean, but I cleaned it with carb cleaner aerosol anyway. Also cleaned everthing else incl the slide. Had a look at the slide, seems fine. Changed the oil (but not filter) for the first time since I got the bike (I did 360 km). Oil was black. Also, I measured the amount of oil that came out, and it was approx 2000cc!! How is that possible since all oil capacity posts indicate 1300cc - 1700cc, if I recall correctly? Well I put in 2 liters of Mobil S1 semi synthetic 15w50 which is what I used on my Honda Blackbird for 70 000 km without a single problem.