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    Working on bikes and riding with my buddies
  1. Mini Rider

    Honda 250x

    Is the 250x quad any good i have the chance to get on for a good deal and i really like it.
  2. Mini Rider


    What is better a steel sprocket or a aluminum sprocket.
  3. Mini Rider

    Tire sizes

    Can you fit a 110 size tire on the back of a ttr 125L.
  4. Mini Rider

    TTR-125 question

    How long do you think it would take for the oil to burn out of the pipe it smoked for about 4 hours before i had it rebuilt.
  5. Mini Rider

    TTR-125 question

    Has about 5 hours on it but it has not been hammerd on it has not left 3rd gear yet.
  6. Mini Rider

    TTR-125 question

    Ok i have a 03 ttr125 that was smoing so i had it rebuild i had it bord over by .30 and a new piston and rings put in and new valvw sells and springs.and it still smokes a little not muck but it still does. rings and valves have been checked and are fine. what should i do?
  7. Mini Rider


    So you guys are saying that is not going to hurt my ttr if i jump it with stock suspension and no frame cradle (which i will eventually buy) on one of the other ttr forms guys were saying it puts to much stress on the bike and you needed to do a lot of work to it first. I have jumped it many times but after I saw that post it made me worry that i was going to break something. By the way I weigh 132 pounds.
  8. Mini Rider


    I am going to be jumping my ttr125l about 2 to 3 feet what do I need to do to it to make it take te shock of the hit a little better without spending a lot of money.
  9. Mini Rider


    What is the best sounding and performance exhaust for yamaha ttr125L I have a FMF powercore 4.
  10. Mini Rider

    Piston rings

    How long do you think the ring will last just trial riding and what about if you ride aggressively.
  11. Mini Rider

    Valve help

    Does anyone know were i can buy valves for my 03 ttr125L.
  12. Mini Rider

    Does Your TTR125 Front Sprocket Wobble?

    Mine has a little play in it.
  13. Mini Rider

    Jetting help

    Thanks that was a big help.
  14. Mini Rider

    Jetting help

    So how do i richin it up.
  15. Mini Rider

    Jetting help

    Ok my ttr125L you will just be riding along and let off of the gas and the REV'S go up relly high and then sometimes it is hard to keep the idle high enough so it wont stall is this a jetting issue or what also the bike has a FMF aftermarket exhaust but it still has the factory jets.Does it need bigger jets and if it does how big.my friend also told me to open up the air box buy cutting a hole in the top near the snorkle.