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  1. NEW2XR

    XR650R electrics

    Could anyone tell me if the CDI unit and ac regulator that sits under the seat are identical in the UK spec bike compared to the US spec, or are they wired differently. What I’m looking to do is convert the US bike to UK spec by ‘plugging in’ a uk spec loom into the existing US spec CDI and AC Reg. I have the uk stator so no problem there, but don’t know if the plug connections coming FROM the CDI and Reg are wired the same to allow a straight forward ‘plug in’ to the UK loom. Hope this make sense to someone…!!!! PS I’m not v good on electrics and have read various post on stator rewinds etc but totally baffled how this fits with existing electrics, so don’t want to even go there, however if someone has a foolproof idiots guide to getting standard switchgear (hi/lo,indicators,horn) working on US spec then please let me know!
  2. NEW2XR

    New Ride - 2006 XR650R

    Siomon_vic, did you get round to building your own DS kit - would be interested what you went about it..... Cheers
  3. NEW2XR

    XR650R throttle cable spring

    Thanks for the responses. Got the spring back on last night - was much easier seating the clip on the barrel first then pulling tension and seating the clip at the carb last - I was doing it arse about face which I think was the problem. The wire loop from the seat/tank clip was handy for pulling tension in the spring to a position where I could get the long nose pliers at it. Anyway whe all back together, still no different. The cables seem in good enough order, I also checked the cables were not fouled up in the guides within the throttle assembly, but all seemed ok. Only thing left to check is the routing of the cables as suggested by saintvince and xr4dez, thanks for that - just out of curiosity (and without sitiing in front of the bike as am in work) why would cable routing cause this if the cables and cable jackets are the same length no matter what route, as long as not being stretched/pulled like if being fouled up when turning bars? Cheers
  4. Hi, I was trying to fix my throttle - would not spring back to shut if you opened it and let go. Tried lubing the cables and checked the carb to see if something was sticking but the carb was fine so I'm assuming more lub on the cables. My prob is getting the throttle barrel spring back on and its driving me nuts!!. I know it can do it cos I changed the jets on another 650R I have an managed to get the spring back on, but with some difficulty - can't remember how I did it. Anyhow, is there a technique to it for doing it with one person or do you need 2 pairs of hands. Spent about 2 hours last night clipping the spring in position with the shaft extended out of the carb, but every time I nearly got the shaft back in with throttle closed, all I got was the deadly 'ping' sound of the spring unseating from clip arrggghhhh!!! Is there a nack to this that works or do I just have hooves for hands Any help much appreciated
  5. NEW2XR

    XR600 wheels on XR650R

    Hi, does anyone know if XR600 wheels fit straight on to XR650R (04) without needing different spacers/fitting kit etc. I've been trying to get a set of supermoto wheels for the 650 for ages without any luck, so broadening my search might help. Even better if anyone knows 650r supermoto wheels for sale, let me know, only thing is i'm in UK. Cheers
  6. NEW2XR

    XR's Only Exhaust ??

    Hi was wondering if anyone has put one of AL Bakers XRsOnly Competition Exhaust Sytems (Full System) on their XR. Did it improve the bike much and is there any need to tweek the jetting to suit the increased air flow, or is it a bolt-on job? Any comments much appreciated!! G
  7. NEW2XR

    Respraying crankcase

    Hi, should have said, mine's on '03 650R - it looks to me more like a metallic green/grey though I'm sure there's a more accurate way of putting it!! Cheers
  8. NEW2XR

    Respraying crankcase

    Anyone tried respraying crankcase to get back 'original' look. If so what paint gives best match to OEM, or better still can you but the exact Honda stuff over the counter. Mines got the usual boot rub, and was going to respray to give it a new look to freshen up incase I put it up for sale. Ta
  9. I had read a thread on this topic somewhere, but I have lost the link and have spent most of the morning trying to find i, without success!! Basically it told you about restoring badly scratched plastics (mudguards and side panels) using DIY methods - knifing/sanding/buffing/polishing or using over the counter kits which contained wire wool/pads/polishes etc. I started sanding my plastics to remove the scratches but even with the v finest grits and polishing creams, can't get the hard 'polished shine' finish that the good plastic has. Anyone have any advice or can redirect me to the thread I had been reading!! Thanks
  10. NEW2XR

    XR650R model changes

    Thanks for that - looks like theres no disadvantage to the older bike as long as is mechanically sound. Just have to haggle on price!!! Cheers
  11. NEW2XR

    XR650R model changes

    Hi, was wondering if anyone knows what model changes there's been to XR650R since year 2000. Basically I've got an 2003 model, but have seen a really nice 2001 model which has been supermoto'd but has all standard off road stuff aswell, which suits my needs. Was just wondering what 'improvements' I'd be losing out on if went back from 2003 to 2001 model. PS My used and abused but mechanically sound '03 cost about as much as the '01 model is for sale at! Cheers
  12. NEW2XR

    My pig has lost its grunt - help!!!

    Cleaned the air filter, but made no difference. Looks like the advice is pointing towards checking the valves next. If its the valves, would the loss in performance be so sudden? - it starts easy enough . Beginning to think the off road bit might be just coincidence, and might well be something more serious, hope not!! Will check valves tomorrow when i'm off, and might as well check carb/jets and spark plug,. Any other easy checks I should do while I'm at it? Cheers PS No didn't leave choke on!
  13. NEW2XR

    My pig has lost its grunt - help!!!

    air filter isn't spotless, but didn't look too bad - it's a sponge washable one which I had cleaned when I serviced the bike when I got it. Its def not spotless now but you can still see the 'fresh' filter oil in the sponge - certainly not as dirty looking as when I washed it the first time. However for all I know, just becasue it looks clean might not necessarily mean its not clogged up with dust. I'll be delighted if this is the problem as I'm more worried of a more serious engine prob. Is this a common problem, since the bike is so capable long distance off road, would have thought my wee blast up the mountain trail would be no prob since wasn't a great distance covered!!?? Oh forgot to say, that no, the clutch is not slipping
  14. Took my 2003 650R off road for the first time proper on Saturday - (which was awsome I have to say!!). Went up a mountain trail - loads of dust/gravel/rocks. However when got back to the tarmac, I noticed a real lack of power/torque. The engine revved ok but seemed real flat, only getting about 65% power - before I was pulling 3rd gear wheelies and getting 100+ top speed no problem, but after off road, was struggling to get up in 2nd and max speed about 70mph! On trip back home, thought the engine was making a bit of a hiss/tick noise. Had a quick check round it at home and maybe I was being paraniod but thought the engine was more rattley/noisy than usual. Checked the coolant level which was OK and it was due a oil change so I done that there and then. Again maybe being paranoid but after running engine to check oil level, there were loads of small air bubbles on dipstick which I never really noticed before. I checked the spark plug cap but it seemed ok, but still need to inspect the plug itself (althhough I put a new plug in, plus an oil/oil filter change when I got the bike about 500 miles ago). Hoping that it might only be a bit of dirt in the carb which a clean out should sort - but I would have thought the bike would tolerate dust gravel a bit better. Won't get a chance to look at the bike til Wednesday so does anyone know what might be causing this or what to be looking at first - or reassure me that I'm not facing an expensive engine rebuild, since everybody has told me the engines are bullet proof!!. Thanks
  15. Thanks for clarifying - better get a bid on!! Cheers