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  1. I have an '06 KLX 250s wearing a KLX 300 pipe, and after market exhaust (Powercore IV). The Powercore IV's too loud for street riding. I have to wear earplugs or go deaf. There are times I would like to go stealth, so I'm looking for somebody's stock KLX 300 exhaust that might be taking up space in their shop? Anybody like to sell theirs? I'm open to other ideas too :-).
  2. jeffoney

    Sobering Ride

    Very Timely, thanks. Bought my 13 year old a 200 cc quad and he hasn't ridden it yet. You just said the same thing I've heard before, about stable on the straight-away. I now have a decision to make.
  3. jeffoney

    pics from weekend at mattawa

    How do we get into that area, i.e. where do we unload the bikes?
  4. jeffoney

    Those liars are up to it again

    I'm proud of you for telling it like it is. You are a country gentleman and it wouldn't even surprise me to find out you are a G.W. Bush supporter. I live in Seattle and have to drive long distances to get to ORV parks like yours and I am so-o-o happy to see you locals are protecting it for all the rest of us!
  5. jeffoney

    pics from weekend at mattawa

    I liked riding at Mattawa when the Desert 100 was held there. I'm not a Stumpjumper member but can I ride there anyway?