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  1. jaro51

    Looking for a 2013+ yz450f

    You could get a leak-down test done on it too and that would shed a bit of light on how worn the top end is. Depends on how tight $$ is, but for me, if I can get a new bike for $1,500 more than a used on I'd get the new one. It's easy to run up $1,500 in wear and tear on a bike such as, top end, tires, suspension linkeage, suspension fluids, drive train, tranny, bottom end bearings, brakes etc. I was in the same boat last year and flipped my 45 hr bike for new even though the used one was in great shape other than a leaking fork seal ($1,400 difference). For the record, my 45 hr bike had case covers that looked like Grey73's bike above, far less worn that the one in the ad.
  2. jaro51

    Looking for a 2013+ yz450f

    In my opinion, 50 hrs isn't bad on a YZ450 but that is all relative. Depends on how well the bike was maintained, did it have good quality oil and changed every few hours? How about air filter, fresh one every ride? Valves checked on a regular basis, were they every out of spec and by how much? What was the bike used for, hard MX racing or trail riden by a dad chasing his 8yr old kid? Those factors typically out-way hrs in how worn out the bike is.
  3. jaro51

    RV throws away perfect season

    I love how much enthusiasm people are putting into a discussion about a perfect season less than a quarter of the way into it. And that's why they actually line up and race for the championship rather than just handing the trophy out at the opening ceremonies.
  4. jaro51

    2012 yz450f 02 sensor bung

    A buddy of mine added the sensor to his bike. He google searched a few images of the Joe Gibbs Racing bikes and just copied what they did. Pretty sure there are some pics of the YZ's from the MEC when James had the traction control controversy going on. Are you running the stock ECU or a GET unit?
  5. jaro51

    SM wheels for TE510

    I have a set of SM wheels that I ran on my '08 TC250 as well as '07 TE510. They are 16.5" front and 5.5" rear. PM me if you want more info.
  6. I think there's a place on TT for this type of discussion, the "engineering & Technology" forum. Maybe the moderator could move the tech discussion there and keep this thread on point about BTL clutches and reducung engine breaking. Sarcasim asside, it's a very interesting debate and I hate to poke fun at Grayracer since he's a wealth of knowledge around here!
  7. jaro51

    Does a 320 rotor fit with a 16.5" wheel?

    I run a 16.5 marchesini wheel, 320 rotor and brembo monoblock caliper. It's a very tight fit but the brake performance is well worth any hassel getting the caliper on and off. To get the caliper off you can pull the pads out and that gves just enough room to twist the caliper off the rotor.
  8. jaro51

    GYTR tuner issues

    I was having the same problem with my tuner as well but found a work around. Plug the tuner into the bike, start bike (automatically powers up the tuner), do any monitoring you want with bike running (idle, temp etc.), turn bike off (tuner will stay on), transfer maps etc as you normally would with tuner on and bike off, power down tuner and disconnect.
  9. How was the race? I wanted to go but couln't make it. I bet the track was nice on Sunday.
  10. Oops, I forgot to reply back earlier, sorry! My buddies GET unit has been flawless. Too bad the GET engineers couldn't figure your's out.
  11. A buddy of mine has one fitted to his '10 YZ and loves it and hasn't had any problems at all that I know of. I'll pass your comment along to him and see if he has any ideas for you.
  12. Above coments are bang on, I'll just add one bit of info. It's a batteryless EFI system so it usually takes a few revolutions of the crank to charge the eletrics in the EFI system. I usually just roll it over 2-3 kicks when cold to charge the system up then give it a solid kick as most have mentioned. Will fire right up. When hot / warm I skip the "charging" kicks and just start with a solid kick. It's a very easy bike to start IMO.
  13. Look at getting a GET ignition unit with the "GPA" which is essentially traction control. A buddy of mine has one and the ignition unit itself has dramatically changed the power curve eliminating the initial low end hit and smoothing out the delivery. That in itself makes the bike much more forgiving and easy to ride and then the GPA traction control allows you to tame it down even more. Not a cheap option but I think it would solve your dilema. Doesn't sound like a 250 is a good option for your local track so taming the 450 is the way to go IMO. The GYTR power tuner will help but the GET unit allows for a much larger range of adjustment that what the GYTR power tuner.
  14. jaro51

    Price for used 2010?

    OEM chain on my '11 was total garbage. Replaced after 2 hrs before it tore up the sprockets too. IMO, replacing chain and sprockets is a very poor indicator of bike hrs.
  15. jaro51

    rear wheel yzf450

    As Grey said, it wont work on the YZ but the WR might be a different story.