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    I work 2 jobs, coach my sons sports and often day dream about riding more than I get to ride.
  1. 426WROhio

    Controls with decomp lever

    No, But for $190 you can get the Hot Cams auto decompression exhaust cam and get rid of the decompression lever all together! The loss of that lever is almost equal to the loss of the clutch on a bike w/ rekluse! I got stuck on a hill Sunday, had to kick in one of those awkward postions where your facing uphill, only one leg can touch and if you go back one foot further, you are dropping off.,. either way, I just pulled in the clutch, kicked once, revved up, feathered the clutch up with out pulling the bike back over... i don't think I could of been easier, unless I had that magical button...(electric start.... ) The part # for the exhaust valve for my 01 WR 426 was ATR565054 and is listed for "YZ/WR400/426"
  2. 426WROhio

    A Field Guide to Mountain Bikers

    That is some of the most creative writing I have had the privledge to read for quite a while!!! I shouldn't say it out loud, but I have ran across of 4 wheeled couch riders that had some of those irritating traits as well....
  3. 426WROhio

    Starting A 2001 Yz 426

    Like bygd said.... get teh auto decompression exhaus cam! I have Hot cams version for my 01 WR 426. Now I can kick it over easier and faster. $180 investment, but worth it
  4. 426WROhio

    Newbie checking in...

    Nice. Very Nice. Trade the wifes beemer for a truck and you'll be set! Just kidding! Good luck w/ the new ride - She's beautiful!
  5. That is what riding is all about! Great story and Awesome pics!!! I wish I could have opened the vid... but at least I got the audio portion!!! Now I have to get back to work and off TT for a little while... ....
  6. 32, with three kids- they make me feel 50, but give me a reason to act 12!
  7. 426WROhio

    Rebuild, What do I do???

    Your local shop can do a compression check to determine just how much leakage you are having on your top end. 5 to 8% range is said to be okay. (I had 60...) If you do not have the auto decompression, I recommend it! My cam tensioner went "bad", cam chain jumped 2 teeth. REPLACE your cam chain if you have install the decomp exhaust camshaft. I also had to have my valves seat cut, but they also repalced the springs, etc. The "unit price" for recut valves was $150, but they are like new. Hot Cams Exhaust Auto decompression - $ 189.95 - ATR565054 (Note: due to chain and sprocket size differences the shop would not install the 03 YZ 450 exhaust cam) Cam Chain - $34.95 They did hone cylinder and replaced it, I believe, with stock piston - YA5NG-11631-10-00 ($146.05) My bike is a 01 WR 426, so part #'s will be different on Yamaha parts, but I beleive the hot cams part # stays the same. I envy those that have the time, tools and ability to do this work, but I can't/don't. I respect that you can! All of my work done was 9.9 hours @ $55 an hours, I had to fork over $545 to get mine back on the trail! But in the end, I'd do it again if I had to!!!! I hope this is of some help! (when I posted this, I didn't see there was a second page of replies - my bad.)
  8. 426WROhio

    GYTR Insert

    Ohio huh? Where at? I am 25 miles southeast of Columbus. I just bought the GYT-R insert for my bike Saturday - rode with it yesterday! It is reasonable on sound and did not restrict my bike as much as I thought it would. Acutally - couldn't tell much difference, because it was also muddy out yesterday and we didn't have any hills to power through where we were riding at. (I removed the stock baffle over a year ago and lost it...) Do you ride at Wayne National Forest or the strip pits - Perry State Forest?
  9. 426WROhio

    what cam for auto decompresion to get

    Man - The shop just called, apparently they feel the 01 WR 426 cam chain will not accomodate the sprocket on the exhasut cam? So, now I am paying another $80 to "upgrade" to the hot cams. Somebody holler somthing positive! I have got riding plans for Sunday (even though it is snowing today - and 65 the day before? - OHIO)
  10. 426WROhio

    what cam for auto decompresion to get

    What timing did you use, YZ or WR? Mine is in the shop, ('01 WR 426) getting the valves reseated and new springs, Cam tensioner, chain,etc etc.. I am having the 03 YZ450 exhaust cam installed since they are already in there, I am just unsure on timing.
  11. 426WROhio

    03 cam in 01 426

    Did you use stock yamaha cam or hot cams? Any input? The yamaha shop told me hot cams was about $170, which was cheaper than yamaha stock. I went to the Ebay link (THANKS nimiz1!), but someone already snagged it. I guess I'll fully commit and pay by dues so I can buy through TT!
  12. 426WROhio


    Acerbis Rally Pro II. Roughly $65. Lightweight, but durable. (Although, I have yet to smack a tree with them on...) Easy to install and not overly bulky.
  13. 426WROhio

    03 cam in 01 426

    Thanks byggd! I am now committed to having this done!
  14. 426WROhio

    03 cam in 01 426

    My 01 WR 426 is in the shop right now, because the vlaves are bent, suspected cam chain jumped time. Thanks to Thumpertalk, I am just now hearing about getting rid of the decompression lever by using the 03 cam and shim. DOES IT WORK? I am dieing to find out before they start to replace valves and so forth! They are a Yamaha shop, but I wanted your opinions first! Thanks!
  15. 426WROhio

    Looking for woods bike

    FYI - My 2001 WR 426 does not have an overflow tank. 2002's do. Granted, I bought mine used, but there is no evidence of the overflow tank under the rear number plates...