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    Highest compression a 2 stroke can handle

    Shred, Good recommendation. I'm sure he could handle a job. I know lots of tuners but it's mostly modern 4 strokes. K

    Gas Gas build platform/cycles?

    Cascao, Thank you. i can obviously see the wider flatter frame after the "B" framed bikes. Thx, K

    Gas Gas build platform/cycles?

    Looking at used models. I'm New to Gas Gas bikes and tech but I'm trying to learn. So if I pick a model say the EC300...what years are on the same platform/cycle? Japanese are generally 4 year cycles. Looking at the bikes I summize that 10-11, 12-13, 14-16 etc, etc? I'm looking at 2010-13'ish years. Who knows, this is confusing

    Highest compression a 2 stroke can handle

    While I'm lurking, I have to ask. Who does motor work on Gas Gas in the U.S.A.? Seems few and far between but then again I'm generally a Moto guy. K.

    JDR KTM motors?

    Kev, No I wish! I know those bikes were runners and I expected a big name builder to be affiliated with the Team. I was looking for a KTM guru... J

    JDR KTM motors?

    Really, in house? That is impressive, I wonder who their main engine guy was? Thanks Kevin, now I know! J
  7. TT, I have been wondering this for a long while, so I figured one of you guys would know. Who built the race motors for the Jstar KTM lites riders when it was still a team. Seems many companies do Japanese motors but not often do they advertise modifying KTM's. The guy I have used in the past does not do KTMs. Thanks guys, Happy New Year! J
  8. Thorny, Thank you for the reply! The board is littered with stupid post like mine but its the reassurance I guess I need.lol Spoke just today with a kid that rides for magazines and works testing at a aftermarket exhaust company. He said he owns Kawis BUT if he was gonna buy a bike tomorrow he would have a hard time not getting a 2013 KTM 450 SX-F! All I needed + Thx Thorn. J
  9. TT crew, I trust that I will get honest opinions/ reviews from all of you, so here is my position. I currently have a Yamaha 450, which I like and will be keeping. I like all brands of bikes and I am being serious when I say that. There is no junk made IMO. With that being said I am leaning towards a low hours used or new KTM and Honda (size displacement open). With multiple fuel filters, E start, NM torque specs, bearing recalls and fuel pump problems they seem high maintenance!? Not including suspension issues or is that coming from Dungey reports? Kinda like Bubba on the YZ??? Thx Jason

    80's Yamaha Vintage Question?

    used 426, Thank you for the response. I like that it's paint...cheaper and easy! JLK
  11. TT, Picked a partially restored 86 YZ125S. Before I dive into the deep end on this project I'm doing some homework first. Can ANYONE tell me if the engine parts on those year(s) Yamaha's were black paint or were they powder coated? Seems like paint to me bit IDK??? Lastly, what was the finish...Semi gloss or Satin? I know it's not gloss. Thanks, JLK
  12. CPR. D, Thanks for explaining all that in detail. Not it makes sense. I have decided to order the original YZ/WR fender from the years I prefer. Going to hand make a "L shaped" mount so I can use the correct number plate for that year. I love looking over that 90's Front fender! Again Thank you, JLK
  13. TT, Fellas I just picked up a 97 amaha WR 250. Once owned a NEW 95 YZ, this will do. That is the good part, the bad part is it has many aftermarket parts and being that I have been out of Two-strokes and their changes over the decades I'm lost. The previous owner installed over-sized Tag Triple clamps to accommodate the Bigger Ohlins forks but I was told it has a 01 front fender and the number plate was cut straight across I assume because the mold lines didn't line up together. So I order a 97 F-fender and # plate. Seemed like a good idea but now I know why the original owner did not, the # plate he used bolts from behind into the triple tree, my 97 bolts in front. Did I make this to confusing? Someone out there has had to run across this....? Thanks, JLK

    KTM EXC 530 model?

    TT mebs, Thank you for clearing up my gray areas in my decision making. After further searching you are correct in your opinions on my options. I am going to look at a 2012 KTM 690R Enduro....so I'm still gonna drink up the orange stuff! Thx, J

    KTM EXC 530 model?

    Hak and BDM, Thanks for the info. I am worried the NEW 2012 Husq replacement is gonna be to BMW for my liking. I like the KTM 690 but hate that frame design on looks alone! I will try and keep an open mind? Jason