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  1. Bent Rotor

    Dualsport 525?

    Check out http://www.bajadesigns.com. They carry several kits for the 525. KTM also makes a dualsport kit, which is sold as the street kit in Europe. The KTM kit is harder to get because most KTM dealers won't special order this kit from Europe. I bought it with my '05 525exc but the dealer would only sell it to me if I allowed him to install it ($1,000 for kit and installation ). The kit runs around $500 and includes a whole new wiring harness. It's expensive but looks and works trick because it's all KTM factory stuff.
  2. Bent Rotor

    Let's see some more KTM pics

    My '05 525EXC and my wifes's '05 400EXC down in Baja 2 weeks ago.