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  1. Anybody have a pic or a link to it..it was awesome!
  2. SniperTeamBravo

    How do you guys stay warm?

    BUt, When I take off in the morning to go to work, it is 12 or so degrees, not 50! Shoot at 50 I would be wearing a hoodie and gloves.
  3. SniperTeamBravo

    Whats the best offroad bike for a passenger?

    I second the TW 200 or maybe a Super Sherpa. Any small XT or Dr would be great too. I give my 4yo son rides on the TE610 but it is kinda tall for me and that isn't conduscive for any longer rides than up and down my access road. I am looking for a bike for the same reason. I think I will try to find a TW or a DR125 or 200SE for this.
  4. SniperTeamBravo

    The PERFECT bike

    I think as riders we all go thru trying to find the PERFECT bike....for us. I have personally been riding and racing since 1970. I have owned street bikes, road racers, MX bikes, enduros, flat track bikes, dual sports, Super motos, and even a dragbike. Of course ruleing out the race bikes for a practical motorcycle, I have come to the conclusion the perfect bike for me is a dual sport, a big bore one. After years of riding street bikes and being riding along and looking off to the side of the hiway and wishing I could just jump on that dirt road and go see what's up there, I decided no more street only bikes, or at least not ONLY a street only bike. Now I am getting a little off track here because for me in this econemy, I really need to for responsibility purposes, choose only one bike other than my project bike. Sooo, it is a Husky TE610 because of what I have said so far. I also find myself not only wanting to go ride it more than the previous street only bike or even my SM, I DO go ride it more.....a lot more. And I find I enjoy it more than both previous bikes. Am I alone here a\or do some of you guy's have the same issue?
  5. SniperTeamBravo

    WE NOW have a HUSKY dealer in Albuquerque!

    I have heard the BMW shops are being typical snobby in their not taking on Husky. Even though Husky has a better rep for reliability than the BMWs that have a final drive instead of a chain.....
  6. SWEET! Only about a month after biting the bullet and buying a bike that had NO delaers in the state, my 2006 TE610, I got extremely lucky and now we have a dealer in the city! PJ's Triumph, Ducati took on Husqvarna and will be getting bikes parts and having a house party in the next couple weeks to a month. I can't tell you how great this is not only because it is a local Husky dealer, but they are the coolest, best, most fair shop in the city!
  7. SniperTeamBravo

    what exactly comes in a JD jet kit?

    Mine had a new leak jet as well as the main jets and needles, and insturctions on how to do the stock leak jet circuit fix.
  8. SniperTeamBravo

    older offroad bikes with titles?

    I had a title when I bought my 1973 TM 125 Suzuki Motocross bike...
  9. SniperTeamBravo

    My cheapass graphics

    Thanks, I am well chuffed with the results overall...will redo some tank shroud stickers because I want them longer and more saturated colour wise. I found some transperency printer paper at Office Max that allows me to print on my ink jet printer so am going to print them up on that.
  10. SniperTeamBravo

    My cheapass graphics

    Cheap is right, I have $16.00 total into the graphics. The lettering I did on my computer in MS Word for nothig, the letters were on a piece of paper that I cut out and taped over the Yellow whic is only number plate background.
  11. SniperTeamBravo

    My cheapass graphics

    I am actually in the process of making the Husqvarna ones in a clear background. I think the white back ones look OK , but would like them better if the background was clear.
  12. SniperTeamBravo

    My cheapass graphics

    So I got sick and tired of trying to find graphics for under $300.00 for my 2006 TE610, and stock ones for it are nice, but since there isn't a local dealer yet I decided to make some for myself on the cheap for the time being. I bought a set of yellow number plate backgrounds, and made up a set of Husqvarna scripts for the tank shrouds, and went to town with the Exacto knife and a tad bit of graphics knowlege, but only a tad. I wanted to keep them simple in case they turned out looking like crap, but am pretty happy with the results overall..
  13. SniperTeamBravo

    So im looking for a Te610.... Carb or FI?

    I can say I would rather have a carbbed model in the outback instead of the fuel pump to worry about. I also think that a carb as long as jetted properly is as good as a EFI on a single thumper...but what do I know...mine is a 2006 which has a carby, so I am kinda biased.
  14. SniperTeamBravo

    Husky 2 stroke questions

    I thought it was an Enduro since it has lights..kinda misspoke on the MX part...thanks...was this bike fairly reliable and did it handle well for the time?
  15. SniperTeamBravo

    Husky 2 stroke questions

    So one of my best buddies has a 80s vintage all stock Husky I think is a WR430 or some big bore WR model, definitely an MX model, white with blue stripes, and is in excellent condition. ALL it NEEDS is a new ignition.....all the hard parts are there and it looks like it only has about 100 hrs total onit from new. He is going to give it to me basically free, probably $200.00, and I will have to do tyres but what am I looking at for a new ignition? Need to know about how deep inot this thing I will be after I get to actually ride it! thanks! BTW I am a Husky TE610 owner....