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  1. Taylor4EK

    1982 XR200R - trouble taking gas once hot

    Thanks for the replies and apologies for not being more specific. Firstly, I'm of average mechanical ability so bear with me. Since the XR was in somewhat rough shape wen I bought it I assumed the carb was going to be a mess. On eBay I found a brand new Keihin carb advertised as a "replacement" for an 82XR200 as well as some other Honda models for $30 so I ordered it. When I say it has compression I only mean to the feel, I have not had this checked. I'm trying to avoid spending much money on this bike so I advised my shop not to pull the head to look at the valves, perhaps this is not realistic of me. I have not cleaned and tightened all electrical grounds and this is great advice, I will do this. I'm not certain this bike has points and a condensor. One thing I didn't mention is I did clean the original carb very thoroughly while waiting for the replacement carb to arrive. It ran fine after that, but only for 11 miles! At the 11 mile point is when the bike started running poorly and wouldn't take gas properly and woiuld bog itself out. After the new replacement carb was installed it exibited the same condition. My budget on this machine is limited so removing the head to inspect the valves/cam timing was avoided. I'm sure other measures weren't preformed as well. As the bike initially runs ok does this suggest a mechanical or electrical issue? Both? Thanks again for the advice.
  2. Taylor4EK

    1982 XR200R - trouble taking gas once hot

    Yes I have. The carb is new & clean. I've played around with the air fuel mixture but not been able to correct my problem doing so.
  3. I recently picked up a 1982 XR200R. It ran poorly when I bought it, but it ran and had compression. It took many kicks to get it to go and would run with the choke on full but wouldn't idle. I knew I was going to have to put some work into it to get it to run properly. I put in a new air filter element as the old one was dust, a new plug, bearings, new kill switch, new gas and a new carb. It now starts on 1-3 kicks, and idles but begins to exhibit problems once warm. After a couple of minutes the bike won't take throttle and will stall. It will re-start but again won't take a twist of the throttle. After 10 minutes or so it'll start and run well for a couple of minutes then exhibit the same problem. I've tried cracking the gas cap thinking it may be a vapor lock issue but even with the cap off it won't take gas once warmed up, it just bogs out. My local shop has looked it over, tweaked the carb and ran a test on the stator which is in spec. I've heard that if valves are out of whack enough once hot could cause problems like this but this is beyond my pay grade. My shop and I are at a loss and it's a shame as this is a good looking, clean and almost properly running classic old school XR. And suggestions or advice are appreciated.
  4. Taylor4EK

    2012 Ironman GNCC Vet C 30 plus

    What size bike were you riding? You looked to be going pretty fast to me!
  5. Taylor4EK

    96 Octane_ok in a TXC310?

    My local chainsaw dealer convinced me to buy some ethanol free, 96 octane fuel off of him for my blowers & saw. The manual to my 310 recommends an octane of R.O.N. 96. Honestly, I can't quite figure out how the R.O.N. equates to the 96 octane I have. Is straight up 96 octane ok to run in a Husky 310? Thanks.
  6. Taylor4EK

    200EXC leaking gas at idle_Kickstand only

    Ok, will do. Thank you.
  7. I just picked up a clean 04 200EXC and love it. At idle the carb leaks gas profusely while resting at an angle on it's kickstand. It doesn't leak a drop at idle when perched level (on a stand). I'm not too slick with carbs and would appreciate any advice as to why this is happening and how I can correct this. Thank you.
  8. Taylor4EK

    2002 200EXC_Mint_Deal?

    This does help - thanks for the replies.
  9. Taylor4EK

    Removal of shock to adjust preload?

    Rotating the entire spring sounds like a great approach. This is all good advice - thanks for the replies.
  10. Taylor4EK

    Removal of shock to adjust preload?

    The tool will access the adjuster on the shock while mounted on the bike? I was considering the old screwdriver and rubber mallet to rotate the adjuster but a specific tool sounds safer.
  11. Is it necessary to remove the rear shock in order to adjust the spring preload? I haven't in the past with other bikes but this is my first KTM-03 200EXC and don't want to damage anything. Thank you.
  12. Taylor4EK

    2002 200EXC_Mint_Deal?

    It still has the original tires on it - in good shape suggesting easy riding and low hours. Real clean - my gut tells me $1,800 is fair.
  13. Taylor4EK

    2002 200EXC_Mint_Deal?

    I'm looking at at 2002 200 EXC in great condition - asking price $1,800. Is this a deal? Thanks.
  14. I've got no more than 2,500 miles and don't abuse the clutch. Could a simple clutch lever adjustment solve, or lessen, the issue?