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  1. Stopi

    Dual headlights for my DR, a different method!

    Nice work Bob No more "Incredible Hulk" Neck Muscles
  2. Stopi

    DR650 rear caliper Question

    Im in the UK so searched Europe only Thx anyway
  3. Stopi

    DR650 rear caliper Question

    Hi all, The rear disk on the DR has warped this has worn out the slides on the caliper Does anyone know which other model Suzuki's use the same rear caliper as se version DR? Tried flebay but no DR calipers about Thx in advance all
  4. Stopi

    DR650 availability?

    Hi Blade. I have a 1996 set which ive owned since 2002. I have a 2nd bike which at the mo has a few mechanical probs that i need to take a look at before a possible sale of me ole DR.. If your interested then give me a shout, the DR is a great bike and has been a joy to own but she could do with some TLC.. I have no garage and no free time to treat her to a freshly painted frame and afew other jobs..
  5. Stopi

    Surging problem fix

    I get an identical thing to you m8ty.. 1st noticed it on my way to work in the bad/windy weather.. Its a horrible feeling..
  6. Stopi

    Replacement tire?

    Pirelli Scorpion S/T's front and rear. Front standard size, rear 130 what a BLAST on the tarmac!!!! Nuff said . G.Luck with your choice
  7. Stopi

    where to order new cams

    Have a look through here m8ty:::::: http://www.hessler-motorsport.de/shop/product_info.php?products_id=473&XTCsid=4e7cb58a8732c50a531ba185b35dbe9f I realy like this::::MIKUNI flat slide carburetor with accelerator pump.... http://www.hessler-motorsport.de/shop/product_info.php?products_id=712&XTCsid=4e7cb58a8732c50a531ba185b35dbe9f I wonder what the DR would feel like with this strapped between her legs
  8. Stopi

    Theft Deterrent

    If you have the means to carry one, buy a great big dirty chain+Lock and always chain it to something solid. Maybe look into buying an alarm or make one yourself, buy a 12volt 100+Db siren a switch and a mercury tilt switch. Bolt the siren to the bike somewhere safe, fit the tilt switch so that it activates when the bike is lifted from the side stand and add a on/off hiden switch somewhere to arm/disarm. If you have a printer and maybe a laminator print something like "Tracker fitted" And fit to the tank or somewhere else. You can also add a small high output Red flashing LED to the bike.. If people are gonna steal something they will have it, but if its flashing away and has visual warning signs attached to it then it makes then think twice.. Its a shit fealing though cause 12months ago my DR was stolen from my back garden. Good luck m8ty
  9. Stopi

    Surging problem fix

    I reduced the surging by taping the top of my airbox to the frame.This was in an attempt to stop the air running directly over the top of the cutout and maybe creating turbulance. When i get the time i'm gonna pull out the slide (cause i know its abit worn) and polish/clean it up alittle..
  10. Stopi

    Surging problem fix

    Yeah technology is great but i can go one better than that!! I'm off to Donington Park for round 8 of MotoGP on the 24th/06 Yipeeee i cant wait.. Time to clean up the ole DR and spank the sportsbikes on the tight twisties (i wish) LoL..
  11. Stopi

    Surging problem fix

    Nice one, keep us posted on how it pans out. As for me i have not had enough free time today to test (Moto GP racing on TV) One day through the week i'll get rid of all the tape from the airbox and test.
  12. Stopi

    Surging problem fix

    Hi. just changed what you recomended and took the ole girl out for a spin. All seems pretty good at the mo Rob,(idle seems alot nicer) but i still have the airbox top front and sides sealed off with duct tape. Tomorrow i will remove the tape all together and test once again. Thx alot for your time Rob always appreciated!! My ole 96 DR has almost 19k miles on her now and she's never missed a beat. Love her to bits
  13. Stopi

    Surging problem fix

    Thx alot for your advice Rob. The reason for the larger pilot jet was from the advice from CRD on fitting the pipe, although i did not have the DJ needle installed at the time i purchased the Pipe. Ill give it a shot and see how she blows!! Ohh i forgot to mention.. I am also running the DJ lighter spring plus the slide is drilled out.
  14. Stopi

    Surging problem fix

    Hi. Yeah running the DJ needle #4 groove from the top, 170 main, from 42.5 to 45 on the idle jet,K&N filter,CRD Larger header+free flo muffler. Approx acouple of hundred feet above sea level. On the plug check it looks lean on the electode but rich around the outer ring of the plug if that makes sence?? Digi photo maybe?
  15. Stopi

    Surging problem fix

    The surging that i have is when im in 5th gear cruising at approx 50mph (depending on final drive sprockets). When the bike is at a steady speed it can surge like hell and it feels like the bike doesnt know if it wants to speed up or slow down, sometimes its that bad it feels like the engine RUN switch has been flicked on/off. Heavy side winds also seem to make it realy bad, i noticed this quite afew times on my ride home from work when the UK weather was quite bad. I'm thinking maybe its the slide chattering around in the carb due to some sort of turbulance caused by cutting out the top of the airbox? (someone else has mentioned this) The fix (fingers crossed)for me is to tape the front and sides of the airbox to the frame. This stops the air from rushing in from the sides and the front maybe eliminating the buffering over the airbox thing? If the surging starts again i will seal the top of the box completly and remove the side cover and run it like that for abit.. G luck guys