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  1. Amsoil 10-40W (synthetic) motor oil i love it
  2. Id say YZ250 There light, unbreakable and the best motor (It might not be the most powerful but when you look at reviews the YZ 70-80% of the time has faster lap times. It has more useful power) Twitch rode CR but when he tried out Adams YZ he changed to the YZ.
  3. The pipe and silencer doesnt really give any more power. It just moves it around. You might of just gained a bit because of the reeds.
  4. If the bikes were EFI
  5. This might be a stupid question but you know those reprogrammers for cars and trucks. Would you be able to use them on a dirtbike? Cause if its a 10% boost in power then thats about 5+HP.
  6. Practise!!!
  7. Try the Amsoil Shock Therapy i heard thats the best
  8. DONT GO IN THE MUD lmao nice fall tho