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    which needle (besides jd's) would be best

    Simply get a stock yz needle it is adjustable it is a NCVQ

    New Wheels

    Hey I don't no if this will help you but I didn't want to spend all that money on rims and hubs and spokes so i simply had my stock rims anodized black. Turned out really nice. I also used my stock hubs and spokes. The overall appearance looks really nice. I was wanting to use some thicker spokes but the place i had them anodized suggested using my stock spokes. Once they laced them and trued them up I have to admitt i'm glad I used my stock hubs and rims cause they look damn nice. Everything out the door for anodizing the rims lacing and truing the wheels was 200 dollars. I simply had a hard time trying to swallow the price of new rims, hubs and spokes.

    drd exhaust.good or what?

    Also forgot to mention make sure you get the full system. It is a d style looped header pipe that just covers the top bolt of the oil filter, so getting to the oil filter does require you to not take the header pipe off but loosen from the cylinder and gently wiggle back and forth until you can just get your allen wrench to clear the pipe. But trust me you will not be disapointed.

    drd exhaust.good or what?

    Hey a friend of mine clued me in on the DR. D pipe. Doug Dubach who was a professional racer for years with yamaha is a major player in r and on the four strokes. He developed the pipe originally for the yamaha four strokes. Pipe has been featured in several mags and they actually tested doug Dubachs yamaha yzf 450 and every rider stated how huge the pipe incorporated the power of the engine from down low to high end max power gains. I was amazed on the low end grunt the DR. D pipe provided. Pipe sounds great and for the price I feel may be the best pipe out there for the price.

    Partial Mods?!

    Hey if this will help anyone on here then great. Simply take a small marble and stuff the thing in the main rubber hose and the AIS will no longer give you anymore popping problems. I no it does look cleaner to remove. Unfortunately living in Cali down the road they one day may be catching on to the AIS removal.
  6. Hey just trying to get a few opinions about black anodized rims. Simply trying to dress the bike up a little and think black rims look awesome on yamaha's. Will they hold up, or will I be dissapointed after a couple of rides?
  7. Hey thinking about getting some black excell rims to dress up the wr450 but was wondering how well do they hold up in general? Is it worth it or will i regret it after a couple of rides?