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    anything with nitro, model airplanes, guns, shooting, anything powerful(too much is not enough!)
  1. kaui12

    Gearing down '07 525EXC...

    With the 14/52 do you need to make any changes to the chain? I have a new 07 450exc and was thinking about 14/48 at first, but being in Colorado I know how wicked:eek: it can get in the bad spots.
  2. kaui12

    07 450 Exc Throttle Stop

    Thankyou sir! I took it for its first ride today so it'll still be a little while before I try WFO. There wasn't any bogging apparent with the stock jetting but I am still going to change to the recommended jets for this altitude(5600 ft) as most of the better riding seems to start at 7000 ft and goes to 12+. With all the snow this year its going to be awhile..... Time to go outa state!
  3. Don't all those bikes make it difficult to choose which one you're going to ride today?(I wish!) My old lady kicked me out of the garage so my new one (looks just like yours) is sitting in the shed.....I need to tear it down to start the prep work. Terrible, just terrible! LOL Looks like you made a fine choice.
  4. To wit: page 2 owners manual 07 450EXC;"On the road" approved models are only allowed on public roads in the original homologated (throttled) version. Without this performance restriction(i.e. de-throttled), these models are only allowed to be driven off-road and not on public roads. I interpret this to mean this bike HAS a throttle stop Any comments? I just got mine (at a bargain-basement price no less!) and have yet to tear into it. Inquiring minds want to know!
  5. kaui12

    Paypal Scam Alert

    They nearly got me. I too received a similar email probably 2 months ago and came reaaal close to giving them my logon data but got suspicious because I remembered something about what they(PayPal) saying how they would never ask for this very info. I backed out and notified PayPal about this spoof. They gave me directions about how to treat it and then posted a warning on their main page. I must have been one of the first to notify them about it, about a month later the local news talked about many people being sucked in and losing money. The bast...ds doing this are real slick, the email is crafted in such a way as to draw you before you may even realize what's going on. BEWARE! :cry: :p :D Man, what I'd give to get my hands on them:smashpc: :applause:
  6. I need to know if there is a good(read extra performance/less weight) reason for going to an aftermarket silencer on my new 07 450 EXC. One thing I absolutely don't want is something that is much louder. I've never ridden a high performance 4C-my last ride was a 87 YZ490 with a wide ratio gearbox. HELP! By the way, I just paid $7378.82 inc.tax OTD at Fay Myers in Denver..... whadyathink about that? They had a preseason auction and I jumped on that like the proverbial starving dog at the butcher shop!
  7. kaui12

    Have you seen the Leatt brace??

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. Every once in a while I see something that grabs my attention and wakes me up in a really big way. Even as a quick, though cautious rider I still remember running a little wide on a trail and hitting a tree with a glancing blow at about 15mph. In what seemed like 1 microsecond I was flat on my back, stunned, hurting like hell, wondering what happened. I was able to get back on my bike and and, with a gaping hole in my right bicept, barely able to control the throttle. But I was lucky. I rode off the mountain in great pain, scared to death that I might not make it. It was six weeks before I could build up the courage, much less the desire, to get back on that bike(81 IT465-evil handling bas***d). Listen guys, s***t happens no matter how good you think you might be. Watch this clip on a regular basis-you can not begin to understand how much a crippling injury will change your life and those of your loved ones. The outcome of some is worse than you can possibly imagine. JUST DO IT-the REAL price of protective equipment is dirt cheap compared the consequences. Sorry, I had to vent.
  8. Ah yes! The delights of childhood. May you one day reach maturity, although at the rate you're going its doubtful you'll make it before the big sleep. One thing to remember kid; there are old farts out there, and maybe some not so old, who are having a bad day and decide it's time to grab ol Betsy and deliver a 12 guage message you can't ignore. Just a thought. Why are there so many boneheads out there that can't spell, use proper grammar, or, just plain can't think? America is going down the tube. Wow, my first post! How do you use the smiles? I'm brand new to the concept of forums.