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  1. daddyk

    88 XR600R performance

    I got the springs from the Thumper Talk store,they went out of their way to find some. It can be hard to find stuff for a 19 yr. old dirt bike. Race Tech makes emulators I think I got them on clearance some were off the web for less the a hundred bucks. The took away a lot of the harshness of the stock damping rods.
  2. daddyk

    88 XR600R performance

    If your looking for better performance I've got an '89 all stock engine wise and it's got just about all you can use. The best performance improvement was cartridge emulators in the forks and the right springs front and rear. Lets you use what you have much better. I did try a Mikuni carb but that was more to get rid of the sticky throttle.They're still a good open country bike, but its just like Dirty Harry used to say" a mans got to know his limitations".
  3. daddyk

    Choke plate

    Good to know I'm not the only one that's done that! What did you plug the hole with? I just left mine in place and held it down with the original choke stop.
  4. daddyk

    xr600r front wheel not spinning freely

    If you don't have a manual, and you should,go to like Bike Bandit check out their OEM parts listings. They have exploded parts diagrams that show were the parts go.
  5. daddyk

    650R Desert Racer Project

    I have a question on the nitrogen part of all this. My xr 600 was set at PC and I like it. Unfortunatly seals don't last forever and it's started to leak. If I change out the seals etc. is any dealer willing to charge it or will they give a problem that it might blow up if their "technicians" didn't do the work?
  6. daddyk

    Dual sport with Low & High range trans ?

    I suppose it could be done. Husqvarna had an 8 speed back in the day. I think it worked by having two sets of primary drive gears that could be shifted by a lever on the handlebars. I never seem to need any lower than first and fifth breaks any speed limit here in Calif.
  7. daddyk

    (XR628-1993) Flatslide starting help!

    Have you ever started it? Does it run well when started? I have the same thing but it starts fine with doing what you described. It seems to idle fast on choke so I try to take it off as soon as I can. Perhaps there is something wrong with jetting or electrical.
  8. daddyk

    OIL CAPACITY: XR650R vs XR600

    All you've done is increase bore size,no change in oil capacity. You might use marginally more oil with a filter change as opposed to no filter change. Generally I put in a 1 1/2 quarts, run it and adjust to the top of the full mark on dip stick.
  9. daddyk

    XR600 and XR650 jetting similiar?

    I saw the photo on the jetting forum. It looks a lot like the TM38-85 that XRs Only made up for the 600. They also did the big fin add ons. If thats what it is they came stock with a 240 MJ,17.5 pilot,6FJ41-4 Needle,389-Q4 Needle Jet.4.0 slide for 3500 elevation. You would go richer on Main and pilot if lower El. Leaner if higher el. XRs only bored them out to 41mm and there should be an alumunium adapter on the filter side. I have one on one bike and it works very well. I like the cut down side panels.
  10. daddyk

    XR600R carb issues

    If you're talking about chopping the throttle going into a corner and then having to twist real hard and getting a jump when the slide releases coming out,it's a know problem with stock carbs. There was a thread that suggested drilling a small hole in the slide to relieve vaccum. I had one that was really irritating. I ended up putting a Mikuni on one and a Edlebrock on the other. No more problem
  11. daddyk

    XR600 Stator

    Mine just bolted right on. Make sure you seal it where the rubber grommet passes the wires thru the case or you'll have an oil leak. Follow the diagram for using the extra power however you want and and you're set.
  12. daddyk

    kick starter broke!

    I did that a while it's the kick starter return spring. The spring was like 10 bucks and i needed a little plastic ring gear like thing. I had to pull the clutch to get to it. Just follow the manual and it takes a couple hours.
  13. daddyk

    what next?

    I see a KX500AF showing up. Maybe there's Green in your future? That should make the environmentalists happy
  14. daddyk

    1989 xr600....couple questions

    I have an 89 I put Race Tech Cartridge emulators and heavy springs in it. The front end seems very comfy know. Mine came with a supertrapp exhaust on it that I'm happy with. I believe the problem is the different header pipes to the muffler on the 88 to 90 model. If you change the headers, any XR600 system fits. The brake isn't a problem down shift if you need to it'll stop.
  15. daddyk

    Xr630rn - No Spark ? Help !!!!

    If those are your's in the photo leave the yellow one parked and take the orange one.