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  1. AlaCarcuss

    I'm new, a couple questions

    Just as a side note regarding the lowering links - from the original photo, it doesn't look like the forks have been raised in the clamps to compensate for the lower rear. Now that you've got the forks off - if you plan on keeping the links - you need to check which links they are (they look like Kuba's from the photo). They come in different lengths - if Kouba then DRZ1, DRZ2 & DRZ3 it'll be maked on the links. Each lowers the rear by different amounts. When you put the forks back in - set them higher in the clamps by the same amount that the links lowered the rear or your handling will suffer greatly. You may need some handlebar risers to do this. Here's a link for more info.... http://www.koubalink.com Regards Mark PS - I have a street legal 'E' too - the're the fastest Z's of all ....(well...until Eddie gets his hands'em anyway)
  2. AlaCarcuss

    Say Hello to the Bumble Bee...

    Hi dj Thanks for the compliment - I'm in Brisbane. Bought the E from Springwood Suzuki in January. '05 model, 12mths old. They sold it new to the previous owner as a 'tarded kit (de-restricted stock + motard wheels/disks/spockets/chains - all fitted). With the dirt wheels - gives new meaning to 'Dual Purpose'. They sell a few like that.... Regards Mark
  3. AlaCarcuss

    Say Hello to the Bumble Bee...

    Haha - yeah I know what you mean - When I thow the dirt wheels on and hit the boonies - I think I'll throw the OEM plastics back on as well Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone - now on to the not so important stuff - perfomance and protection
  4. AlaCarcuss

    Say Hello to the Bumble Bee...

    Hi Shadow Yeah mate - the bars are pro tapers - they taper in at the control area so you can fit the stock controls. You'll find most (all?) of the so-called 'fat' bars are like that. Regards Mark
  5. AlaCarcuss

    First Impression Distanzia

    Has anyone tried running the Distanzia's at a lower pressure for the dirt? I was thinking 12-15 psi - or is that too low for a motard tire??
  6. AlaCarcuss

    renthal twinwall's on a drz?

    Yep Shadow - all the so called 'fat' bars are actually only fat in the center flat clamping area and then taper in towards the ends so you can fit your standard controls....much MUCH stronger than stock. The stock ones are like putty - you'll bend'em the first time you drop your bike. Mark
  7. AlaCarcuss

    Deer vs. 07 SM

    Sorry to hear that mate. We have the same problem with roo's (kangaroos) over here. Though they jump a bit higher and if you're lucky they just jump right over the top of you - had it happen to me a coupla times. Scares the outta ya though!! Get well soon
  8. AlaCarcuss

    Happy Birthday Neil!!!!

    Hey is that where that container ship went down? Are those people still scavenging for washed up treasure? Where did you say you got your BMW again??? Happy Birthday Regards Mark
  9. AlaCarcuss

    Say Hello to the Bumble Bee...

    Hehe - in my dreams it is!
  10. AlaCarcuss

    Say Hello to the Bumble Bee...

    Yeah William I'm a bit the same. Was worried it might be a bit much but it's grown on me considerably since installation. When Ringmaster first sent me a draft of what they had come up with for the tank and shrouds they were a lot flashier than this. I ripped into them in Photoshop and cut most of it out! Thanks for the compliment PS - I didn't think there was any such thing as a low key American:p
  11. AlaCarcuss

    Say Hello to the Bumble Bee...

    They're called Powermadd - picked'em up at the local dealer but here's a link for ya: http://www.partsforatvs.com/default.asp?p=1235&c=751&cn=M3Q+TRX450R+BARS+%26+CONTROLS I thought I was getting the all-black ones but when I got them home they were black/chrome - looks ok in 'tard trim - would look outta place in dirt trim though. They come with a removeable top panel that reveals a meshed section underneath (also in chrome - which is why I left the black cover on) - for airflow. You can also get the reinforced aluminium bars for behind too. I don't think they provide too much protection without the bars - but they do a good job of acting like cat's whiskers when i'm lane-splitting. Regards Mark
  12. AlaCarcuss

    Say Hello to the Bumble Bee...

    Thanks for all the great feedback guys (and gals). I've just got back into bikes after a 20 year hiatus - I used to sell bikes for a living back in the day - and I have to say I'm havin' a ball with the 'Z' so far. Fits me perfectly - never had motard's back when I was selling'em - road wheels on a dirt-squirt - why didn't anyone think of that sooner? Can't wait to get it dirty - I'll probably throw the OEM yellow plastics back on when I switch to dirt wheels though - don't wanna mess up my new bling!! This is the best fun I've had in years - my mid-life crisis is in full swing now
  13. AlaCarcuss

    Say Hello to the Bumble Bee...

    Wheels were made by 'John Titman Racing' here in Aus. - he's an ex-speedway (dirt-track solo's) champion now the Aussie Talon distributor and local wheel guru. Talon Hubs (forget the rim brand - some Italian name). 17/4.5 rear 17/3 front. Our local Suzuki dealer sells 'tarded 'E's new as an optional extra...I got this one used from them - 12mths old - perfect nic - never seen the dirt (it will soon though) - the dirt wheels/tires still have the pimples on them .
  14. AlaCarcuss

    Say Hello to the Bumble Bee...

    Not sure about the clamps (picked the bike up used - bars and wheels included - stock dirt wheels too). The bars are gold Pro-Taper's fairly low bend. Yeah - been eying off those carbon bits on ebay. Company in Israel I think - does package kit's too with skid plate, engine covers, fork guards etc - might go with one of those
  15. AlaCarcuss

    Say Hello to the Bumble Bee...

    Thanks for the tip mate - I'm not too concerned - Yosh TI in my near future