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  1. I use a set of EMGO. They ar identical to the Acerbis and are half the price to buy. Check my garage
  2. very nice
  3. Yep, here ya go....keep in mind this is new or with new packing. db's
  4. Just a thought Eddie, what about explaining to us what all these diferrent jets do (i.e. Pilot jet, main jet, air jet, needles, etc) Maybe then we could trouble-shoot a little easier. It just might cut down on the million questions your getting!
  5. Well, It just so happens I convert mine to dirt all the time. It is a heck of alot of fun but I would be cautious. The front forks are stiffened up for SM use and don't have as much travel than the S or E therefore in dirt mode you will bottom out and tank slap lots. The brakes on the front are bigger and therefore more prone to damage. The tranny is the same but the gearing is different. I change the front and rear sprockets for offroad use and I don't do anything to wild on the trails as it is after all a supermotard. anybody else want to add anything?
  6. I would be interested in one as well.......would work well on the track.
  7. I found that when I put my Russell front steel braided line on, braking improved a 100%.
  8. You'll want the HR. Look here http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Tucker_Rocky_Offroad_2006/default.asp?p2=&s=2&p=764
  9. any year from the E or S models will work.......I did it to.
  10. Turns out that the ARAI XD protected my chin yesterday. I was doing a left hander and the back went out on me.......(turns out I had to much air pressure in the rear tire) anyway I skipped the chin portion of the helmet off the pavement. No injuries to me and the bikes axle sliders and handle bar guards have some character scrapes.....awesome day over all with my new Pilot Powers.
  11. Hey I recognize that guy...............It's me . thanks for taking those great pictures. Got anymore you can send me? and when are you going to bring that S on the track??????
  12. 20 minutes straight conversion. What a blast in the dirt version.Im from the sport bike past and this is the first I've done dirt.................Im glad I did . Im also looking forward to the winter with ice screws in the dirt tires., Let the fun continue!
  13. yes they have different size rotors. I just took them off the SM wheels and put them on the E wheels.....no problem no fuss. Takes me 20 minutes to do the swap. Once I get and extra set of rotors to leave on the wheels that time will be cut in half.
  14. yep, S and E wheels bolt right up. Thats what I've done with my SM.
  15. What rotors are those? Im looking for aftermarket stuff as well, got part numbers?