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  1. This looks like a fun endurocross. I'm looking forward to the banked asphalt oval on knobbies. It is fun on Motard slicks, should be "squishy" on the knobbies. Come on out whether you have a team or not. A team can be formed on the spot, or ironman it and find out how long 6 hrs really is.
  2. I will be in Sheridan from July 30 through Aug 5 with a street legal Husky. Anybody know where the super tight single track is in the Bighorns? (elk trails would suit me just fine) I rode the Story trail several years ago, but am looking for tighter and more technical. Is the box canyon at the top of Tongue River Canyon legal to ride? I'm also curious where is everybody riding off the mountain. If anybody wants to go for a ride, reply to this thread or call 307-674-7652. Thanks, Tom
  3. Washington

    So if our gas tax refund gets allocated to the recreation fund and never makes it to the transportation budget, we are fine, right? The tolling provisions in this initiative look pretty fatal, anyway. I don't see the public voting themselves a tax.
  4. Washington

    Would it actually effect the NOVA funding since it is a refund? We are actually leaving funds in the transportation budget through the NOVA program.
  5. Washington

    I've seen you ride Reiter, you've adapted. If I ever get comfortable on a Motocross track, I will still continue to bitch about jumps. I'm good with the flying through the air's the coming back to earth part I don't like.
  6. Washington

    Duplicate Reiter and I will race it. The tough terrain weeds out those who can't adapt. I've learned to survive on a Moto track. Bring back pure woods.
  7. Washington

    Don, I'll trade you the 5 hrs of chaos for the 5 months of work to set up...NOT!
  8. Washington

    I have to second what The Shocker said. We worked the same check. It was a madhouse at times, but the thank you's carried a lot of weight. We could solve the free for all at the poker run checks by installing cattle chutes and forcing everyone in line, but I doubt anyone wants to be treated like livestock. The melee at the checks is part of the fun.
  9. Washington

    How about opening a dialogue with the WTA types who think we need more area to ride our dirtbikes? I would like to meet a WTA member who can see our point of veiw.
  10. Washington

    I'm in for Mt. Si. We should get some Mtn bikers involved, too.
  11. Washington

    It sounds to me like the NMA had better make nice with State Parks. A new, fresh approach couldn't hurt.
  12. Washington

    No flames from this corner....That is a very good idea. Reiter as we knew it, is gone. Motorcycle only in SB will prove how small our impact on the ground really is. I wonder what Mr Petersen and Hiatt think about this?