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  1. 04YZ125

    My bike.

    Im guessing your either from Dublin Scioto or Upper Arlington? Since those were the two teams that went to the state championship last year. If not, do you not play D1? Yeah man I'm 16 too, I'm from Wooster.
  2. 04YZ125

    post your yamaha 2 strokes

  3. 04YZ125

    My bike.

    It's good. Last season I rode my friends 85 around, while he was on this 125. He stepped up to an 05 CRF250F so I bought his old bike. I might actually not play lacrosse this year so I can just ride!
  4. 04YZ125

    My bike.

    Thanks man. This is my first season riding.
  5. 04YZ125

    Motocorss Pro And Amatuer Vids

    Wow, this is the third thread he has started about ''Amateur and Pro videos'' You thinking third times a charm? Don't think so man, maybe one of the times?
  6. 04YZ125

    My bike.

    Whats up guys? I know I don't post a lot, I think I've posted twice before. Here are some pictures of my bike (sorry, not a 4-stroke, but as long as you ride right?) By the way, has Renthal chain/sprockets, Pro Circuit R304 Shorty Silencer, frame guards, front suspension was just completely redone, and waiting to go on is a Pro Circuit Platinum pipe, and some pre-preinted #5 backgrounds.
  7. Don't think so champ. Nice try with the amateur and pro vids, got a lot of replys. Plus, green writing and caps lock? And a member with 5 posts?(I know I know I only have 1) Don't think so.