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  1. berice17

    can any of u

    BLACK RIMS ALL THE WAY...dotn get red or blue
  2. berice17

    crf250x or crf250r

    if i was you i would definatly get the 250R. The X is more for trail riding and things like that b/c it comes iwth the lights and stuff and the R is a better performer if thats what your looking for.
  3. berice17

    crf250r or 150r?

    hey...i think the 250f would be a good one. im 17 now but when i was 14 i was prolly a little taller than you and weighed a little more and i had a 250 2 stroke then and it was fine for me...i dint race then or anything tho but the 250f will give you somthing to grow into also.
  4. berice17

    05-07 spark plug

    yea i dont know were to get one either...i havent fouled a plug yet but i got an extra just in case and they are costly
  5. berice17

    broken bolt!

    One time i broke a bolt on the oil filter cap one time and it snapped inside and iwas swearing like crazy cuse i thought i wwas going to have to bring it to a shop to fix it. Im only 16 and have to pay for everything so i thought i was gonna be out a bunch of money after i just bought this bike. but i just asked my dad to come help me out and we took that cover on the side off and it was sticking out just enough that we could twist it out and all i had to do was buy a new bolt..i was soo happy after that. But yea if i was you i would figure out how to get the bolt out if possible and buy a new bolt
  6. berice17

    best photoshop pics

    yea i agree that is fricken sweet i wanna know how to do that...we need a tutorial on that
  7. berice17

    pics of your track

    Awsome track i wish i had one like that...i wish i just had one...i ride at big air mx but i always wished i had a home track to ride on..we almost moved and then we woulda had enough land to build one but nope dindt like the house. but yea that track is nice
  8. berice17

    ups and downs of fmx

    yea sweet video..i agree some of those crashes were hard to watch. hope that never happens to me.
  9. berice17

    Todays Ride Pics!

    Niiiice pics man looks like an awsome track.
  10. yea dotn go with a 2005 kawi get 06 or newer. or just get a 05 or new crf. i couldnt understand first why u ride suzuki and am looking at a kawi and posting in a honda section but anways if i was you id get a 05 or newer crf
  11. berice17

    Oil and WATER in pink tube!!! WTF !!!

    haha yea i looked at it the first time and i was like wth is that and i asked my friend and hes like oh tahts normal just get it out when u see there is shit in there.
  12. berice17

    how could washin out cost so much$$$$

    Yea well i was trail riding on my new to me 05 250r and there aws a long sorta roller woop straight so i was like alright sweet so i got going 4th or 5th gear i cant remember but yea i was wheelying over them all and all of a sudden i was like shit a corner and i slammed my brakes only to find that i bounced over all the woops..i went flying into the woods my bike hit a tree i went flying..i was sore for a couple days after that and for a minute after i couldtn see anything but other than that i came out without a scratch...amazing i thought..my dad was behind me and said i came around the corner and all i saw was you flying through the air.but yea i bent my exhaust to shit but thats repairable..
  13. berice17

    is it "not cool" to have a nice bike>>???

    Yea i couldnt agree more...even tho i am only 16 years old i still pay for all my stuff and half the fun for me is cleaning my bike the next day after a hard day of riding..i think its retarded how people bag on other people for wanting there bike to look good. Somtiems i spend a couple hours cleaning my bike and when i go to school and somone asks me what i did yesterday or w/e and i say i cleaned my bike for a few hrs they just laugh and im just like yea well if u just spent all your money on a bike dont you think you would try and keep it nice and clean...
  14. berice17

    Another Idiot...

    Yea i will have to agree that you are an idiot..just as many people crash on dirtbikes as quads...with quads if you jump yes it is way different b/c u ahve to land all 4 wheels good but thats no reason to call him an idiot when he crashes..i know ive crashed a few times pretty good on my dirtbike and i dont see people calling me an idiot.
  15. Hey..does anyone know where i can find black excels for my 250f for a cheap price?