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  1. make sure you use some grease around the inside of the filter (the part that seats against the airbox) and you should be fine. i oil mine everytime i clean it
  2. yeah i race both classes still have the Honda 450. like berm-saw said thats my dads and i wish i were rich. i can assure you i (my family for that matter) is far from it. I just know people...
  3. its got a whole new motor
  4. picked it up friday rode it yesterday. i can honestly say its the easiest bike to ride that i have ever tried. i know its not Honda, but it works for me!! hopefully it will help me get faster on the clapped out 250 haha
  5. go softer until it starts bottoming in big hits then stiffen it up 2 clicks
  6. what gas do you run
  7. definitely do the seals. measure the springs(use them if they are in spec) and just use your stock retainers if you are on a budget
  8. the honda plug is $44.95 i would start with the fuel screw. adjusting it will also give you crisper throttle response
  9. the power difference is so minimal you barely feel it. plus where is the cool factor in a single pipe? yea its bear fur. when i ride pantless it makes me tighten up. i get less arm pump and better bike control
  10. huge difference everywhere. the power is way smoother as well. definitely worth the money in my opinion. the craftsmanship is absolutely beautiful. thanks
  11. i still have every single stock part for sale if anyone is interested
  12. picked up a few more cool gadgets for my bike- Leo Vince ignition system (totally badass) Sunline rc3 clutch perch Hinson akadized plates/fibers and cover carbon fiber rear disc and caliper guard
  13. heres some for ya