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  1. Went from Mefos to 270s. The 270s flopped into the corners on the street and wandered in the gravel. So, I took them off and went back to the Mefos. I don't know how they would work in the mud since I haven't tried either of them there.
  2. I have to agree with Yokomo. I went from Mefos to the 270s and the street steering was "floppy". Gravel roads were not much better as they wanted to wander. Took them off, went back to Mefos and all is well.
  3. I used a kit from: www.trickdualsport.com They work great but all dualsport kits need to have the stator reworked for more power or the lights will drain the battery.
  4. Sorry, DR650.
  5. Outside of loosing ground clearance, what are the negative effects of using the Suzuki lowering system?
  6. Rudedawg, Yes, I live close to Portland and might be interested. Thanks everyone else for the feedback. I think I'll forget about the gel seat. The price seemed good.650zuki...please keep us up to date.
  7. First time post here. Just got a DR650 and noticed some low gel seats on e-bay. Does anyone have an opinion on them? Are there any less expensive seats other than from the expensive custom builders?
  8. Clarke will be out with a tank for the "E" in December. I talked with a lady there a few weeks ago and she confirmed it. She said they didn't know what the capacity would be but they always strive to add about one gallon over the stock tanks. They will be available in several colors. Bob
  9. Toast, I completly drained the tank and then took it to a gas station. I wanted to be able to calculate how much fuel I would need for certain rides. With Honda's claimed capacity, the range didn't work out knowing the approximate MPG. Bob
  10. My 230 tank measures out about 1.87 gallons instead of the claimed 2 plus which gives me about an 80 mile range of part trail and fire roads. To retain the feel of a light bike, I think the tank should be no more than 2.5 (real) gallons. I know that I would be interested in one. Bob