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  1. motox1027

    Do I really need an '06???

    Possibly if they rode the 06. The 03-05 is still very capable, and with susupension upgrates, it feels similar to an 06. I think its worth saving 2500.00
  2. motox1027

    RMZ 450 Valve question

    I have an 05 RM Z450, that i raced all last year and this winter. Had more than 200 hours on it and i beat the crap out of it. Took it apart this weekend to do some motor work.. The valves didnt move at all, everything looks great.
  3. motox1027

    Dual pipe RMZ450

    Sorry, but as far as the weight balance thats a load of crap. Single pipes were designed to balance the bike. Plus think about it, Whats 7lbs gonna do when its only off-centered by a couple of inches at that height. Physics= nothing! I guess they should put a kickstarted on the left side of the bike too! Unless your a pro i doubt anyone would benefit from it.
  4. motox1027

    Do I really need an '06???

    Unless your a semi pro, get the 2005. Besides the weight difference and the motor lag, there no big difference. The 03 Yam 450, was the most powerfull 450 made. In 04 they changed some things. The 06 does feel faster, but the 03 is a beast. Also, if you buy an 05, you should be able to go out the door for 4000.00, if you buy out of state. I work at a yamaha dealer and know what you can get it for. and also am sponsered, so i have rode all the bikes. I prefer Suzuki, however, if your not a intense serious rider, go with the yamaha. It wont give you any motor problems, and the valves dont get messed up.
  5. motox1027

    RMZ450 question carb suspesion

    I have a 05 rmz450. It only has 5 hours on it, i bought it as a leftover 1 month ago. Its been great until now. After i warm it up.... I'll rev it a little in neutral, and after I left off the gas, the idle stays kinda high for like 10 sec, then slows down to where its supposed to be. My 03 yz450, did this when the hot start got stuck in. However this is not the case. Im thinking the carb may need adjustment, but i dont know how this would suddenly just happen. Just wondering if any one else has had this problem. I know a good amount about carbs and i think its getting to much air, but i dont really want to mess with a brand new bike until im sure. Any ideas??? Also, does any one have any have any suspension adjustment suggestion with the clickers, for a 195lb C rider??? (A decent/good C rider, that does every jump on any track, but comes up short sometimes..lol) Also, for any A rider out there.... how do you guys make your bike point down for a jump landing, when your doing an air wheelie in mid air.. besides the taping the brake.??.. Ive been having problems with this and would like to master it.. Just looking for some tips. I always seem to go off a jump like an air wheelie, and usually can flaten it out, but not enough to make the front end lower than the back, Thanks-
  6. motox1027

    Timing chain question-no violence please

    You can find TDC without pulling the vavle cover.. Yes true.. but you wont know if your on the compression stroke
  7. motox1027

    Timing chain question-no violence please

    Everyone is making a big deal about the timing chain. This is what i would advise. Adjust it after 3 hours.. Then after 15.. then check it occasionaly. To adjust. clean your bike, Take off the seat and tank. Pull the spark plug boot. Take off the valve cover. Take off the timing cover on the left side off the bike on the motoe, near the bottom (look in your manual for a pic) turn the kick starter until the timing mark is lined up. To make sure you are on the compression stroke all you have to do is make sure the cam lubes are pointing outwards and the timing mark is lined up. If the lubes are not out, mover the kick starter until they are and again line up the timing marks.. Then, loosen the locknut on the adjuster a couple of turns.. -loosen the allen key on the adjuster. There the chain auto tightens. Now tighthen the allen, then the locknut. YOUR DONE go ride