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  1. SmoothBen

    YZ250F stock pro taper bend?

    try YZ-LO, I used to replace my 06 YZ250f bars with that bend and it felt the same...
  2. SmoothBen

    I cannot ride the steets anymore

    I think I will just exchange my excels for standard trail wheels plus cash and them resell the bike as a trail bike for less... less hassle for me
  3. SmoothBen

    I cannot ride the steets anymore

    I was thinking the same thinig, but getting an US frame it is very hard to have it plated here since you purchasing only the frame
  4. I am screwed up, The SAAQ ( my province vehicule registration desk ) just removed me the right to ride my drz400e supermoto on the streets, I am now stuck with a supermoto bike that I can only use on the track... it suck real hard...maybe a parting out can be a good idea...
  5. SmoothBen

    drz400sm body work on a 01 S

    My friend have a 01 S and he wants to know if all the drz400sm plastics and tank will perfectly fit on his bike, thanks
  6. I move my bike locally, but like 2-3 times a week, I think a small pickup or finding a place for a trailer will be the best choice for me, I dont like the idea of getting an SUV...
  7. I was hoping it can work but logically it can't. I will check getting a small pickup...
  8. very nice trailer but I dont have place to store, this why I ask if a hitch mounted mxhauler can be used with a car....
  9. I saw them used on trucks, and I suspect that a car suspension is too smooth in the rear especially with a 200 pound bike ( I own a yz250f ) standing 1 feet behind a car, but with a car like an impreza wagon, can it work to move my bike locally like 15-20 miles away from my place ?
  10. SmoothBen

    What looks better.....WHITE or BLACK

    for my own, I use my bike only in the streets so the plastics are staying like new...
  11. SmoothBen

    What looks better.....WHITE or BLACK

    I will try to get better pics in the springs and share with you guys...
  12. SmoothBen

    K&N filter install, is it normal it is not tight ?

    good thanks, seems to be sealed event if there is a little movement
  13. I installed my new K&N filter yeaterdaty part number on the box was SU4000, aferter greasing the rim and installing the filter, I noticed that I can slide the filter side to side about a 1/4''... After the grease sticked with the filter, I seem the filter is not moving anymore, is this normal ?
  14. SmoothBen

    What looks better.....WHITE or BLACK

    I hope it can help your choice mine my friends Sam's bike
  15. SmoothBen

    front brake master cylinder option ?

    I have a russel s/s line, the brake are pwerfull but there is alittle lag on the lever, a little bit more when the weater is cold...