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  1. Steve_Sanford


    I looking for 99-01 400e. If anyone is thinking about selling one please let me know. It must be in good shape.
  2. Steve_Sanford

    Broken finger

    Only wimps would let something like a little broken finger keep them from riding. Just let me know when your ready to sell your bike.
  3. Steve_Sanford

    looking for a 2001/2002 header

    Any body have a 2001/2002 header pipe for sale? I need one that is in good shape and with out dents. Please post back with price and condition of pipe. Thanks..
  4. Steve_Sanford

    Wayne National Forest/Ohio

    June 29th works good for me. Sean keep me posted on what you guys are all up to.
  5. Steve_Sanford

    Yz brake cable on WR w/ headlight?

    S.C. If going to replace the brake cable, replace it with a CR cable. Look up details on TT.
  6. Steve_Sanford


    KDX 200 is the perfect bike. Leave it stock, add some bark busters, get him some good gear, and let the boy ride. The bike has clean power and also will carry him for 3 or 4 years wile he grows. If it's to tall just drop the suspension.
  7. Steve_Sanford

    Installing Graphics kit

    Just put a set on a KDX today. I've already done my own plus about 5 other bikes this year. Windex works great, but alcohol (rubbing alcohol)in a spray bottle along with the credit card trick works even better. Always use a blow dryer and have alot of patience. Use a straight razor to trim everything up. GOOD LUCK.
  8. Steve_Sanford

    Blown counter shaft seal story?

    Sean, Thanks for concidering myself a good friend. I know your responsible and considerate of other people. When friends come along like that, wich isn't often. Than your more willing to help out in any cause. Anything I got, you can use or keep. Proberty or possessions don't make the world go round. It's the people who meet, and fun times you share. Helping each other will all come back to circle. Saturday was your day, and mine is still to come. Thats what friends are for, right!
  9. Steve_Sanford


    Running 94 from BP. Switching to 93 w/ethenol. Had a problem with vapor-lock, and was told to try an ethenol base. I know guys who are mixing 1 gal of 102? (racing fuel) with 4 gal something else. I'll get back with you later and tell you exactly what grades that there mixing.
  10. Steve_Sanford

    00 DRZ 400 E new mods

    Hey DRZ guys, Came over from the Yamahas to get a little info from you. I have a freind who has a 00DRZ400E, and is a truck driver who dosn't get on the net much. I told him that I would check out the DRZ for him. I have a couple of questions about some mods that I've seen on your profiles. If you would please give sum info on the cluth switch mod, and oil cannister mods it would be helpful. If there are any other good ones out there besides pipes and jetting (FMF pwr core IV already on) would also help. Thanks guys.
  11. Steve_Sanford

    Replacement Plastic

    I would love to put black fenders on my bike. But just to give you something to think about, when a black fender bends or creases it turns white. This stands out alot, and you can't get rid of them. GOOD LUCK.
  12. Steve_Sanford

    Sticking carbslide

    Did you take your throttle stop out? If you did you should try putting it back in. You should cut it down to 23mm total length. This will allow you to have full throttle but not let the slide hit the top of the carb. Without the stop screw in could be smacking the top a causing a little mushrooming effect, wich will cause the sticking.
  13. Steve_Sanford

    wr 426 info ??

    All I can say is electric start. If your not racing and just want to have fun the DRz400e is a nice bike. You can buy the bike for $1200 cheaper and will only have to add a pipe to get good performance. The Wr is not so easy. You'll spend alot of money,time,and headaches trying to get it right. Once you do you will have a monster that a DRZ can't touch. It all depends on your age. The young guys want the speed and power to go places and the older just want to get there. The DRZ will get you anywhere. I was just talked into the WR426 buy my young friends, and $7,000+ later I think I have gotten the monster right. Just remember electric start.
  14. Steve_Sanford

    WR vapor lock

    02WR426 I went riding today (temp was 85) and my bike acted as if it had ran out of gas. I went to reserve and started the bike up and took off. A few miles later it happened again and this time I took the gas cap off to check the level. Gas pressure was so great that the gas sprayed out all over the place. After it settled down I still had half a tank. Again the bike started back up and ran fine. I checked the check valve for vapor and it was working. Fumes were coming out like a Propane grill. The only thing I could come up with is vapor lock! If anybody has any suggestions it would help. Thanks
  15. Steve_Sanford

    wr426 suspension

    Needed to add a little more info. A 13 front will cost you $13-15, and a rear will cost you $30-40 bucks. You can buy a thirteen front take it riding. Change it in the middle of the ride (day). This will only take 5 to 10 min. to do. This is a lot easier than changing the rear. You will get a faster result. Just a couple of veiw points to look at!