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  1. Thanks rich i will give them a call
  2. Also I live down the street from the property and the land which i want to build the track is completely flat with only one surrounding neighbor which is a Kennel and he is completely fine with me riding on the property. The track will be build completely from imported soil.
  3. I spent several hours at the city today and i you move or bring in any soil over 50 yards the city must have a grading plan. My property is flat with no vegetation and there are no drainage issues. I Found a trucking company which could bring in 5,000 yards of soil tomorrow but they said the inspectors will not allow them to dump the dirt on my property unless i have either a grading permit or a temporary stock pile permit to store the soil until used. The City states if i get caught i would be fined. Also if the city requires the grading permit and i build a track with out the permit and a neighbor a 1/2 mile away complains the city will then see i do not have the proper permits and they will shut me down with fines. I have no choice but to get a grading permit. Can anyone help.
  4. My city told me today I must have grading plans from a Civil Engineer. It appears they try and make it very difficult to ride on your own property The Planning department told me i can ride on my property but i must meet all the requirements from the engineering department. Could some one please help me with out me having to get a second mortgage. I would appreciate any input. I live in Murrieta CA which is Riverside County.