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  1. garyw2381

    Move my son from KDX200 to KLX300?

    I have both. The KLX is only slightly harder to kick and always starts on the first or second kick. The KLX is heavier and feels it when riding. The KLX is much easier to ride with more low-end power, better hook-up, and smoother braking (no engine lock-ups). The KDX is more demanding with everything happening quicker. To me, the big differences were the 4 stroke engine braking and the relative ease of climbing rough hills. I've made my choice - the KDX is for sale!
  2. garyw2381

    What air filter do I have?

    Changing the filter definitely makes a difference. So brands don't list a filter for the KLX300. Any filter listed for the KDX200/220 or KX500 will fit - exactly the same filter. If you are lazy like me, the RediFilter is under $10 and is pre-oiled. Works as good as my TwinAir imo.
  3. I have never posted anything on this subject, so IMO... The KLX300 is the last of the "old school" 4 stroke dirt bikes - low seat height and no battery or e-start. It is a good trail bike but definitely not an MX or parking lot showoff bike. My 05 came without the exhaust plug or airbox snorkel and the stock (49 States) jetting was okay at 3000 ft. It was adequate for casual trail riding - reasonable weight, power, suspension, and cost. I have since rejetted, added a skid plate, removed the airbox lid, replaced the filter, done the breather mod. and replaced the header with the FSW unit. These give the bike more grunt and allow it to rev for very little $ with no reliability compromise. To license the bike in Idaho I added a horn, mirror, speedo, and brake light but you won't be able to get away with that in the PRC. The CV carb on the 300 is hated by expert riders but loved by novices like me. It produces smooth, slow reving power and tolerates altitude changes. If you are a mid-intermediate or above, get something else but if you want a reliable, easy to ride trail bike then consider the KLX. Shop around - you should be able to get one for much less than list because they aren't very popular.
  4. Where can I get a water pump guard? I have a Utah skid plate but can't find the guard anywhere. FSW has been out for six months! I tried Fredette, as suggested, but he doesn't sell them anymore.
  5. garyw2381

    Idaho Riders Boise National Forest

    I plan to explore these trails sometime this summer. Please post a report. I want to do 270 to 177 around Dog Mtn. for sure. Have you ever done 021, 039, 199, 193, 194, 195 on the other side of Anderson Reservoir? Any info. appreciated.
  6. garyw2381

    Recluse Clutch For A Klx300?

    I think the KDX clutch is also derived from the KX125 - that's why I mentioned EFM. They have a great reputation with KDX guys and they are reasonable costwise. Maybe they would do one as an experiment. I talked to an engineer at RecLuse. He said they looked at KDX and KLX and even did prototypes but the "push versus pull" type clutch was too different than what's on most bikes, and they have a larger market on more popular models. Don't know what he's talking about but that's what he said.
  7. garyw2381

    KX 250 woods weapon

    Flywheel weight will give you more traction and less wheel spin. Also, less engine lock up. Easy to install. About $100. See www.steahlyoffroad.com. Call them - they ride ISDT and know their stuff.
  8. garyw2381

    Recluse Clutch For A Klx300?

    Recluse doesn't make one for the KLX300. EFM AutoClutch makes one for the KDX200/220 so you might email them. RevLoc makes one for the KDX ($900!!) and lists one for the KLX300 (by special order only) but I couldn't find a price.
  9. garyw2381

    klx 300 skid plate???

    I am also looking for a KLX300 skid plate. Don't be fooled by the KLR250 plate from Utah Sport Cycle - their KLX300 plate is nothing like it. Looks to me like a choice between: 1. Ricochet plate from Utah Sportcycle ($65) and FSW Water Pump Guard ($37). The Ricochet plate has the strongest mounts and is very tough but has no wings and only comes up to the bottom of the square front downtube. FSW guard is out of stock and has been for 3 months. This combo offers decent protection but no style points. 2. CRD plate from http://www.fourstrokesonly.com/SkidPlatesCRD2.html ($140). This has wings and protects both sides of the engine. It comes up to the bottom engine mounting bolt. The mounting setup looks a little weak but it looks good. You can get the skid plate and frame guards for $160. CRD is French. I'm probably going for the stronger USA package for $102 but I'm getting tired of waiting for FSW to get some pump guards made!
  10. garyw2381

    Does anyone else hate mx boots ??

    I hate MX boots, too. After all, 95% of dirt and dual-sport riders never race but everything from bikes to boots is designed around motocross. Street boots and work boots aren't quite enough but MX boots are too much. I finally found 3 good compromises - Gaerne Explorer, Setup Adventure, and one by SIDI but can't remember the name. They are much lighter than MX boots, have a lug sole, mid-calf length, 3 ratchet closure, fit under pants, and you can walk in them all day. Also, when riding you can actually feel the brake and shift levers!
  11. FSW is out of water pump guards and can't find anyone to make them. The only source I can find is Shiny Bits in the UK. I've searched a lot of places and found some real nice ones, but not for the KLX300. Do you know of any other sources? Also, the only skid plate I found that offers much protection for the water pump is the CRD. The only source I can find is CRDoffroad.com but $150 - OUCH! Anyone know a discount place that carries CRD?
  12. garyw2381

    HELP overheating at higher altitiude??

    Has anyone tried these? 1. Remove (temporarily) the plastic radiator guards? 2. Add some radiator shrouds at top and bottom, maybe made from plastic milk jug, to force more air through the fins? 3. Move the headlight up to allow air flow, like the KDX which is 1.5 in. above the fender. 4. Would an oil cooler help? It should be fairly easy with the exposed oil tubes.
  13. garyw2381

    New 400 ?

    I think I will do the jetting myself. Not Roseville Cycle. $3800, what did you pay? Of course, I will pay sales tax and have to drive 1100 miles to pick it up.
  14. garyw2381

    Battery Disgust

    Dirt Rider magazine (April 06, pg 183) has a good writeup on the OptiMate 3 Battery Charger. They say it recovers many near-dead batteries by desulfating them. See http://www.optimate3.com/classic/
  15. garyw2381

    New 400 ?

    Lots of reading and learning to do - I now ride a KDX. Money, oh ya, $3800 + $190 tax, + 2000 mile trip to pick it (with 2 nights in Vegas), Case savers, rad. guards, jetting kit... Does the fun ever stop?!