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  1. Help my chain broke yesterday and tore a hole in my float cover! Can a replacement be bought separately? Is it worth getting the aftermarket one?
  2. Can anyone give me some feedback on these hitch mounted carriers? I'm looking for one that has a gas can holder?
  3. dugbud

    Back to two strokes

    You uys are a bunch of salleys! What do you weigh a buck o five? I would never go back to a two smoker! I blow those fools away! Get real faster on a 125? Who would ever believe that? Do you even ride?
  4. dugbud

    Hungry Valley?

    Is it worth a five day trip?
  5. dugbud

    Hungry Valley?

    Has anyone ridden there since the so cal fires? The BLM website says the los padres trails are closed? Is it worth a trip for thanksgiving?
  6. Will my 2004 RG3 Top clamp for my 250 fit on my 2006 450F?
  7. dugbud

    steering bearing failure

    Are you really packing the bearings full of grease or just putting on from the outside? Packing these bearings by hand can take 15-20 minutes if done properly. I have owned several yamis and have never had a problem as long as I packed the bearings with waterproof grease.
  8. dugbud


    Okay, I get what your saying but, isn't race gas cleaner? Therefore keeping vital engine parts cleaner?
  9. dugbud


    What about race fuel?
  10. dugbud


    What is the correct fuel to run in your 4 stroke engine? I 've heard about not using SHELL or any gas containing methanol? What about Sunoco's 100 octane with ethanol?
  11. dugbud

    2006 450 Revalve?

    what springs did you use?
  12. dugbud

    2006 450 Revalve?

    Has anyone had their suspension revalved or resprung? If so, who did you use? Are you happy with the set up? What springs did you use?
  13. Can someone help me out? I need to change the seals on my forks but, I don't know where to start? I've changed seals on my 04 regularly but the 06 fork is different. Please help
  14. Can someone give me some more info on how they re routed their breather hose to the air box? Location? How to seal the hose in the air box?
  15. dugbud

    2006 YZ450 Flaw?

    okay so do i adjust it out or in?